Cybersecurity Conferences in Chile, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity in Chile has been receiving growing attention in recent years, with the Chilean government recognizing the importance of the topic. In 2020, Chile was ranked as the fourth-safest country in cybersecurity in the Latin American region, behind only Argentina, Mexico, and Uruguay. The Chilean government has also been actively investing in cybersecurity infrastructure over the past few years.

Chile is home to many cyber security conferences and events, which are designed to provide insights into the growing cyber threat landscape. The Cybersecurity Forum Santiago (FORSEC Santiago) is the country’s premier cybersecurity event. This year’s FORSEC Santiago will feature a mix of technical tutorials, workshops, and keynote speeches from some of the world’s leading security experts.

Another important event is the National Cybersecurity Conference (NCC), which has been held annually since 2019. This event is designed to help local security professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends in security technology. There is also a growing number of smaller events such as hackathons, workshops, and webinars that are held every year.

The country has also taken steps to develop a National Cybersecurity Strategy, which is currently chaired by the Cybersecurity Agency of Chile (ACIC). This strategy focuses on developing a cyber security framework to enable the exchange of information between all government entities and to ensure that data is adequately protected. There is also an initiative underway to develop an eight-level cyber security certification system to better protect the data of Chilean citizens.

Chile is increasingly becoming a hub for cybersecurity research and development, thus offering excellent career opportunities in the sector. In addition, there is a growing number of IT security-related education initiatives available, including courses and accredited certifications.

Also, the Chilean government established a Cyber Security Commission (CSC) in January 2021. The commission is responsible for creating an institutional framework for the promotion, oversight, and prevention of cyber-attacks from foreign countries, as well as for controlling data created through national digital infrastructures.