Cybersecurity Conferences in Colombia, 2024 – 2025

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Colombia is no stranger to cybercrime, with the World Bank estimating that in 2019 the country lost approximately 0.7% of its GDP to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is now a priority for the Colombian government and businesses need to stay ahead of the game to protect their assets.

Each year Colombia hosts a variety of cybersecurity conferences, events, and seminars to stay ahead of digital threats. In 2021 some of the main Cybersecurity Conferences and Events in Colombia include the International Technical Symposium on Cybersecurity, the National Cybersecurity Forum, and the e-Crime Colombia Conference. These events bring together professionals from the public and private sectors to discuss the current cybersecurity landscape and ways to tackle cybercrime.

Colombia’s numerous universities also host several events and workshops about cybersecurity each year. These are often open to the general public, giving them access to live discussions from experts in the field. One such event is the National Women in Cybersecurity Conference, which is held annually and provides an opportunity for women in the industry to discuss their experiences, exchange knowledge, and identify potential career opportunities.

The Colombian government provides several online resources dedicated to cybersecurity, including the National Cybersecurity Center (CECIB) and the Colombian Cybersecurity Institute (ICISS). These organizations provide access to guidance materials, training courses, and real-time news alerts about cyber threats.

In recent years, Colombia has also implemented various cybersecurity laws and regulations to protect its citizens and businesses. For example, the Personal Data Protection Law (LPDP) was introduced in 2013 to ensure that personal data is stored securely and processed by privacy regulations.

The Colombian government is committed to providing an effective and secure environment for digital activities. Through the right security measures, conferences, events, and regulations, Colombia is well-prepared to tackle the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.