Cybersecurity Conferences in Costa Rica, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity is an important issue in Costa Rica, particularly given the country’s high rate of internet penetration and growing economy. Computer systems and networks across the country are vulnerable to malicious actors who are intent on stealing sensitive data and disrupting operations. To address this problem, Costa Rica has implemented a range of security measures to protect its citizens and organizations from cyber threats.

In the past few years, Costa Rica has become a hub for cybersecurity conferences and events. Each year, leading industry experts gather in San Jose to discuss the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity. These events provide a unique platform for knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities with experts from across the globe. In addition, the Costa Rican government has hosted numerous international cybersecurity seminars and workshops, aimed at strengthening the national cyberinfrastructure, promoting digital literacy, and raising awareness of online security issues.

Costa Rica has made great strides in cyber security, with the Ministry of Science and Technology launching several initiatives over the past decade. These include the National Cybersecurity Plan, the Telecommunications Regulation Framework, and the Cyber Resilience Framework. These initiatives aim to ensure the privacy and protection of citizens’ digital data and communications, as well as promote secure online payment systems to protect consumers.

Costa Rica also has several public and private security programs in place, from the Antivirus Program of the National Police to the National Institute for Cybersecurity which is dedicated to providing professional training for cyber security specialists. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is the lead state-level agency responsible for investigating and gathering intelligence about national and international cyber threats.

To keep up with the evolving threat landscape, Costa Rica also has several industry-led organizations such as the Costa Rican Association of Information Security Professionals (ACBI) and the Latin American Institute for Advanced Security (ILAIS). These organizations help form the basis of the country’s national strategy by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and resources across the sector.