Cybersecurity Conferences in Cyprus, 2024 – 2025

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Cyprus is quickly becoming a preferred destination for cybersecurity professionals and businesses, as it offers a thriving ecosystem of cybersecurity conferences, events, startups, and resources. The island boasts several established, collaborative communities, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and cyber security is a major focus of these activities.

Cybersecurity in Cyprus is primarily focused on the government and private sectors, with the national cybersecurity agency leading the way in terms of regulations, standards, and awareness. In addition, several international organizations have opened offices in the country, including the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCE).

Cybersecurity conferences in Cyprus are held across the country, ranging from small, local events to large, international conferences. These conferences typically focus on topics such as cyber security best practices, cyber risk management, legal and ethical cyber security, and emerging technologies. The most prominent cybersecurity conferences in Cyprus are the Digital Transformation Conferences (DTx), the International Cybersecurity Conferences (ICC), and the European Digital Court (EDC).

Cyber events in Cyprus take place throughout the year and often involve a variety of participants from both private and public sectors. These range from small, local events with an educational focus, such as the “Cyber Security in Schools” workshops, to larger conferences such as the “Cyber Security in Banking” meetings. Additionally, government agencies often host “cyber days”-style hackathons to test and investigate security practices and up-and-coming security threats.