Cybersecurity Conferences in Finland, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity is a constant concern in Finland, with the government taking steps to reduce the country’s cyber risks and ensure its citizens are well-protected from digital threats. Finland has also held various cybersecurity events and conferences to discuss emerging security issues, share best practices, and promote the development of solutions for a secure digital world. To further its commitment to protecting Finns against cyber threats, the country also established the National Cyber Security Strategy of Finland in 2018.

Cybersecurity Conferences in Finland bring together leading cybersecurity experts and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the most pressing security challenges. Recent events have included the Finnish Cyber Security Days 2020, the Cyber Security in Industry Conference 2020, the Finnish Cyber Security Summit 2020, and many more. These events focus on topics such as cyber defense, incident response, best security practices, security policies, and more.

Cybersecurity events in Finland attract a range of professionals from the government, military, law enforcement, industry, and academia to discuss the ever-evolving cyber threats in the country. Events such as the Nordic Cyber Security Conference 2020, the Cyber Security Innovation Summit 2020, and the Cyber Security Academy 2020 provide platforms for professionals to collaborate, share innovative ideas, and learn about the latest security technologies. These events are also a great opportunity for attendees to network with other security practitioners and experts, and form relationships that will enable further collaboration in the field.

The Finnish government also hosts a range of outreach events and activities to promote the importance of cyber security in Finland. Recently, the government has organized the Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign 2020, which aimed to raise awareness of cyber security issues among the public. The campaign involved a series of webinars, seminars, and workshops held across the country to educate citizens on the risks associated with cyber threats and ways to prevent them from becoming victims of cybercrime.

Default Event Imagee-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress: Nordics 2024

Date: 30/01/2024
Location: Helsinki, Finland

The e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress Nordics offers insightful perspectives on the ever-changing digital landscape and the challenges faced by CISOs. Attendees can expect real-world case studies and technical sessions from renowned brands, discussing topics such as NIS2 compliance, improving supplier visibility, and cost-effective methods to bolster cloud security. With a focus on EU Directives and their impact on board decisions regarding cybersecurity investment, this conference provides valuable knowledge for cybersecurity professionals. Join your peers at the e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress Nordics to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

Default Event ImageT2.FI 2024

Date: 18/04/2024
Location: Helsinki, Finland

t2 is an annual independent cybersecurity conference based in Finland that has been dedicated to the technical aspects of information security for over 15 years. With a focus on networking and showcasing new research and ideas, t2 was created with the vision of being "for hackers by hackers". In today's global cyber security landscape, t2 stands out as a small, high-quality event that offers a welcoming atmosphere for 99 attendees. The curated agenda allows for discussions over coffee, making it a great opportunity for networking. Despite the influx of various cyber security events, the need for small, independent gatherings like t2 is as important as ever. t2 continues to uphold its ethos of technical excellence and is steadily gaining recognition as a must-attend conference in the industry.

Default Event ImageDisobey CISO Afterwork 2024

Date: 16/02/2024
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Hoxhunt's Disobey Afterwork conference on February 16th, 2024 proved to be a successful and enjoyable event for cybersecurity professionals. Hosted at their headquarters in Helsinki, the casual atmosphere provided an ideal setting for networking and unwinding with like-minded individuals. Attendees were treated to refreshments and access to the office spa, including a pool and sauna. Overall, the conference provided a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to connect in a relaxed and private environment.