Cybersecurity Conferences in France, 2024 - 2025

Discover Security Events in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, and Bordeaux.

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France is a major global player when it comes to cybersecurity, home to software companies, research centers, and academic institutions that lead the international field in innovations for protecting information and digital data. In the world of computer and information security, the country is regularly implementing new laws and regulations to help protect intellectual property rights, personal data, and online safety. In 2020, France launched an ambitious national cybersecurity strategy to bolster the roles and responsibilities of both the public and private sectors in protecting its citizens and companies.

To galvanize the industry in France, many cybersecurity conferences and events are regularly held. These events cover a wide range of topics, such as cutting-edge technologies, new regulations, hot topics in security, and international collaborations. Two of the most notable events are the Paris Cyber Meeting, Europe’s largest gathering of cybersecurity experts, and CyberLille, a conference organized by the Lille Metropole Community of Digital, which focuses on the evolution of cybersecurity research and innovation.

Additionally, the government of France has launched several initiatives to ensure data protection for its citizens. For example, the “Campus of Cybersecurity” was created to facilitate the development of cyber defense capabilities in the country. The “E-Taxi Company”, meanwhile, provides a digital platform to taxpayers, allowing them to securely submit and manage their tax returns online.

In the French economy, a wide range of large and small businesses are looking for cybersecurity solutions to better secure their digital assets. Cybercrime is a growing concern across the globe, and so the government of France is pushing for collaborative efforts between the private sector, legal institutions, and research institutes to tackle these threats.

Forum SI 2024 - Securité Informatique

Date: 20/10/2024
Location: , France

This is France’s most important cybersecurity event and it takes place October 20-21 in Paris. Hosted by the French Ministry of Interior, the forum features keynote speeches, workshops and activities related to the latest IT security challenges.

Paris Cyber Security Forum

Date: 17/06/2024
Location: , France

This two-day cyber security forum takes place June 17-18 in Paris and includes presentations, case studies and workshops covering the most recent developments in IT security. Discussions are centred on the themes of digital trust, digital identity and cloud security.

Lille Cyber Security School

Date: 18/08/2024
Location: , France

This yearly three-day event is held at the University of Lille dedicated to the promotion of cyber security. Lectures are given by renowned experts and cover topics such as cybersecurity law, ethical hacking and cryptography.

NCSC France

Date: 10/12/2024
Location: , France

This International Summit on National Cybersecurity Standards takes place December 10-12 in Paris and covers the latest advances in safe and secure cyberspace operations. It includes lectures, panel discussions, workshops and awards.

Cyber Sécurité 2024

Date: 27/10/2024
Location: , France

This two-day conference in Paris hosted by Défense Tech is the biggest event in France for cyber security professionals. It features talks and workshops about technology, analytics and innovation as well as physical security, intelligence and more.

Cyber Security Conference Paris

Date: 26/11/2024
Location: , France

This cyber security conference brings together top cyber security practitioners from the French defense sector as well as security experts from the government, banking, insurance, energy and healthcare industries. It takes place November 26-27 in Paris and supports innovation with talks, workshops, demos and networking.

MOOC Cyber Security International Network

Date: 06/07/2024
Location: , France

This free online virtual conference takes place July 6-10 and includes trainings, talks and workshops dedicated to the emerging field of Cyber Security.

AI-Cyber-Security Conference

Date: 18/11/2024
Location: , France

This two-day event held in the Paris area in November is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. It features speakers from companies and the public sector to discuss the use of AI for cyber security.

NFCT Cyber Security Challenge

Date: 02/12/2024
Location: , France

This annual competition is hosted by the Groupe des Ecoles des Telecoms (GET) in Paris and is dedicated to the promotion of cyber security innovation. It includes training sessions and workshops and includes talks from industry professionals.

French Cyber Security Forum

Date: 02/04/2024
Location: , France

This event, held in Paris in April, is dedicated to promoting the new generation of cyber security experts. It includes trainings, presentations, workshops and panel discussions on cyber security topics and features lectures from invited experts.

Risk Management Summit

Date: 20/11/2024
Location: , France

This one-day summit in Paris in November is dedicated to the latest developments in cyber security threats and risk mitigation strategies. It includes presentations, roundtables and workshops by invited experts.

Hack in Paris

Date: 15/06/2024
Location: , France

This yearly international event dedicated to Information Security and IT Professionals is scheduled to take place June 15-18 in Paris. It includes keynote lectures, presentations and workshops by the world’s leading experts.