Cybersecurity Conferences in Hong Kong, 2024 – 2025

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Hong Kong is an international financial hub that is committed to becoming an ambitious smart city. The growing digital transition has highlighted the pressing need for proactive information and cybersecurity practices in Hong Kong, as well as in different parts of the world.

Cybersecurity Conferences in Hong Kong are events that aim to bring together information and technology security professionals, small and medium-sized businesses, IT professionals, academics, and government officials to network, share best practices, find new trends, and collaborate on current issues in the cybersecurity landscape. Industry and government representatives are often in attendance at these events, making them important platforms to learn about the current state of cybersecurity. The Hong Kong Information Security Conference, Cybersec Hong Kong, IT Security Summit Hong Kong, and HKPCS Cybersecurity Summit are some of the Cybersecurity Conferences in Hong Kong.

In 2020, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region launched the “Cybersecurity Strategy and Plans 2018-2022” and began supporting Cyber Events in Hong Kong. This included the Smart Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Expo, co-organized by multiple entities such as the HKTDC, CYBERPORT, CYBERSECRETARY, the School of Science and Technology of the Open University of Hong Kong, and the Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR. Events such as these keep businesses and organizations up-to-date on the latest technological advancements and insights, which helps create a resilient cybersecurity framework.

Ultimately, Cybersecurity in Hong Kong is an important part of protecting both public and private sectors. The increasing prevalence of cyber threats in the region has prompted the HKSAR Government to develop guidelines on cybersecurity and strengthen its protections. The Cyber Security Bill, which will create a Cyber Security Regulatory Regime, is being proposed and is intended to provide a statutory basis for monitoring and enforcing cyber security standards. Companies, organizations, and individuals need to stay abreast of new developments while also understanding their roles and responsibilities to ensure effective cybersecurity in Hong Kong.

Default Event ImagePulse Conferences: CISO 360 Risk Vision Hong Kong 2024

Date: 21/02/2024
Location: Hong Kong (City), Hong Kong

The recent cybersecurity conference emphasized the need of teamwork and sharing when navigating the fast-paced digital landscape. CISOs were asked to evaluate the efficiency of their organizations' security measures and communicate with the board about cyber risk. The program also covered ways for assessing the performance of risk reduction efforts and balancing security hygiene with innovation. Guests were urged to actively participate in conversations and give future risk management predictions. Overall, guests complimented the event for offering a good platform for benchmarking, information exchange, and networking while also providing a fine dining experience.