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Croatia is becoming increasingly focused on improving its cybersecurity and IT security practices. Croatia is seeing an increased focus on cyber education and research in the public, private, and educational sectors. The challenge for Cybersecurity is that Croatia is vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals due to a lack of resources and capacity.

The Croatian government is committed to boosting IT security. In 2016, the government passed the Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Law, which established the National Cyber Security Protection System and Cyber Security Center. The government is also working to establish national standards and regulations for IT security.

In response to the increasing need for cybersecurity, Croatia has hosted several cyber conferences and events to discuss and promote cybersecurity topics. The annual Croatian Security Conference (CroSec) is held in Zagreb and focuses on information security. The Croatian Information Security Conference also takes place in Zagreb and focuses on IT security topics. Additionally, the Croatia Information Security Summit (CROSTIS) takes place in Zagreb and covers topics related to IT and cyber security.

The Croatian government is taking steps to ensure the security of the country's digital infrastructure. The Ministry of Science and Education launched the National Cyber Security Initiative, which provides resources to educate the public and teach cybersecurity best practices. Additionally, the government has established several cybersecurity research centers and programs focused on researching and developing new IT security strategies.

Cybersecurity has become a global concern, with increased threats to sensitive and valuable data across the world. Hungary is no exception and is increasingly seeking solutions to combat cyber threats.

When it comes to cybersecurity events in Hungary, Budapest has become an emerging tech hub with a growing community of cybersecurity professionals, offering a variety of conferences and events. Notable events such as the Smart Cities Expo Budapest held annually, bring together cybersecurity professionals from across the nation and abroad to discuss current trends and best practices. Additionally, the CEE Security Conference in Budapest, initiated by the Critical Security Center and Clarified Security, is a two-day event that features keynote speakers, workshops, and networking events.

The Hungarian government is now encouraging action to help tackle the growing cybersecurity threats. Through its Cyberathenea program, the government is investing in startups that are seeking to develop innovative cybersecurity solutions. The efforts are designed to promote increased collaboration with the private sector to help develop solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the country.

Hungary has also invested in making sure its citizens and businesses are educated on cybersecurity threats. The National Cyber Safety Plan was launched in 2017, and includes a series of initiatives to promote cyber safety. The program, which is maintained by the National Cyber Security Agency, focuses on public awareness campaigns to help citizens and organizations protect their sensitive data from cyber-attacks.

02 September 2024


AIBC East Europe 2024

A peninsula of technical expertise, rich culture, stunning beauty, and deep potential, the east has long been a region with much to offer the world when it comes to both the human drive for ingenuity as well as the development of cutting-edge technologies. With a proud heritage of thinkers and scientists, Serbia has the potential to hold the keys to being a pillar of the economy to come. A hub of entrepreneurs, engineers, and disruptors, Belgrade stands as a lynchpin in the technology ecosystem of the entire region. A globally recognized nexus for networking, industrial cross-pollination, education, and investment, AIBC hosts the best and brightest of the region for three days of panel discussions, keynote speeches, Start-up Pitches, and an endless list of opportunities to meet the movers and shakers of the industry.

17 October 2024


#Hacktivity 2024 NOW+NEXT - The IT Security Festival in Central & Eastern Europe

#HACKTIVITY is the biggest event of its kind in Central & Eastern Europe. About 1000 visitors come from all around the globe every year to learn more about the latest trends in cybersecurity, get inspired by people with similar interests, and develop themselves via presentations and comprehensive workshop sessions.

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