Cybersecurity Conferences in India, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity in India is an ever-evolving issue. With digitalization taking over most aspects of life, the risks of cyber-attacks, data thefts, and financial crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. Fortunately, India has responded to these threats by introducing several national initiatives and programs such as the National Cyber Security Policy, the Digital India Initiative, and the National Cyber Coordination Centre.

Cybersecurity Conferences in India are designed to bring together experts from various backgrounds to discuss current issues and develop solutions regarding cybersecurity threats. Events such as the India Cyber Security Summit, National Conference on Cyber Security & Risk Management (NCCS&RM), and ICT Security Network Partners Symposium are held annually to inform the public, industry professionals, and government personnel about cyber safety. These conferences provide insightful discussions, cutting-edge research, and interactive networking sessions.

Organizations dedicated to cybersecurity such as the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) have contributed immensely to keeping India’s IT infrastructure secure. Through a comprehensive public-private partnership approach and investments in the country’s IT infrastructure, these organizations help protect the nation from cyber threats.

Cyber events in India are designed to raise public awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, provide training and education to IT professionals, and bridge the gap between academia and industry experts. The National Cyber Defence Summit, DSCI Dialogues, and Cyber Safe India are some of the prominent cyber events hosted in India. These events promote dynamic action plans to ensure internet security while also encouraging discussions to regulate the IT industry and improve national cyber security standards.

Default Event ImageBSides Bangalore 2024

Date: 28/06/2024
Location: bangalore, India

BSides Bangalore Cybersecurity Conference 2024, set on June 26th at the Marriott Hotel in Whitefield, Bangalore, provides a variety of registration options, including student, member, non-member, and corporate passes priced between Rs. 2600 and Rs. 8500. Attendees receive a welcome kit, lunch, high tea, opportunities to network, hire, win prizes, and a certificate of attendance with CPE credits. Corporate pass holders have access to a networking dinner.

Default Event ImageCyber Revolution Summit: India 2024

Date: 25/04/2024
Location: New Delhi, India

The Cyber Revolution Summit, held in New Delhi, is a must-attend event for cybersecurity experts. As India faces an increasing number of cyberattacks on key infrastructure, the public sector, and important services, this summit will bring together over 500 pre-qualified specialists to discuss the most recent trends and advances in the industry. Attendees will acquire vital insights on issues such as data privacy, risk management, and threat intelligence through keynote presentations and panel discussions led by renowned security professionals from diverse sectors. Don't pass up this opportunity to strengthen relationships and improve cybersecurity in India.

Default Event ImageInternational Conference on Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptographic Engineering (SPACE) 2023

Date: 14/12/2023
Location: Roorkee, India

The 13th International Conference on Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptographic Engineering is an annual event that brings together professionals and researchers to discuss progress and difficulties in these domains. The conference will have a full schedule of tutorials, seminars, and a gala banquet, with all accepted papers published in the Springer LNCS Proceedings.

Default Event ImageCIO Business Transformation Awards and Summit 2024

Date: 13/03/2024
Location: New Delhi, India

The CIO corporate Transformation Awards and Summit, presented by and ISMG, recognizes CIOs' growing role in promoting corporate success and innovation. The one-day event will feature thought leaders presenting ideas on digitally enabled innovation under the theme "Business Transformation 2.0: CIO as a Catalyst of Change". The summit will focus on the strategic, inventive, and transformative contributions of CIOs to business. A distinguished awards ceremony will also highlight tech executives' contributions to advancing industry-wide innovation. This event, featuring a panel of Indian and international experts, is a watershed moment in exhibiting the genius of India's C-suite executives. Don't pass up this opportunity to celebrate and learn from the industry's brightest thinkers.

Default Event ImageSmart CIO Summit 2024

Date: 06/03/2024
Location: Mumbai, India

The Smart CIO Summit is a must-attend event for IT professionals who want to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in technology, cybersecurity, and workforce management. This event, which focuses on integrating, influencing, and shaping the industry, provides guests with useful insights and networking opportunities. This seminar covers everything from upmarket economic connections to cutting-edge digital transformation solutions. Participants will get a competitive advantage and collaborate with India's top decision-makers and influencers by leveraging trustworthy Gartner research and analytics. The Smart CIO Summit will help you improve your digital leadership abilities and plan for the future.

Default Event ImageAgile Gurugram 2023

Date: 08/12/2023
Location: Gurugram, India

The Agile Gurugram conference is eagerly anticipated by India's Lean-Agile community. This annual conference, presented by Agile Network India since 2016, is now in its eighth year, exhibiting the most recent concepts and global experts on Lean Agile. The forthcoming Agile Gurugram 2023 Conference will be focused on the impact of technology on business agility, with sub-themes including dispersed delivery, generative AI, data, and cybersecurity. It promises to provide useful insights into how firms might adapt and measure their agility in an ever-changing landscape. Don't pass up this opportunity to network with industry professionals and remain ahead of the curve.

Default Event ImageGartner Data & Analytics Summit: Mumbai 2024

Date: 24/04/2024
Location: Mumbai, India

The Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2024 conference promises to be instructive for data and analytics professionals. The subject of "collective intelligence" emphasizes the importance of combining human expertise, data, analytics, and AI to make better decisions. With a strong emphasis on basics, the conference provides cutting-edge technology, data, and governance solutions to help organizations achieve their objectives. As data and analytics continue to play an important role in enterprises, the conference pushes leaders to take action and make a genuine difference. This is a must-attend event for chief data analytics officers and industry leaders. Don't pass up the opportunity to join a global network of like-minded professionals. This conference ushers in a new era of boundless possibilities in the field of data and analytics.

Default Event ImageGartner Security & Risk Management Summit: Mumbai 2024

Date: 26/02/2024
Location: Mumbai, India

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is a must-attend event for security leaders and practitioners. As the digital world advances, security leaders must become change agents within their enterprises, promoting secure digital transformation. This summit provides useful information and approaches for managing security risks and attaining corporate excellence. The event also offers networking opportunities and customized experiences based on individual needs. With a focus on continual improvement, this conference is an essential platform for remaining current and navigating the complicated world of cybersecurity in 2024.

Default Event ImageDEFSEC 2024

Date: 23/02/2024
Location: NEW DELHI, India

The DEFSEC 2024 conference, organized by Nexgen Conferences, is a flagship event that addresses significant issues and possibilities in India's defense and security sectors. With the goal of promoting dialogue, innovation, and collaboration, this conference brings together government officials, military leaders, security experts, and industry executives. The conference, which is scheduled for February 23 at the Hotel Holiday Inn in New Delhi, is being planned by a team of seasoned defense, security, and event management specialists. DEFSEC 2024, via educational and entertaining seminars, provides vital insights and solutions for enhancing India's defense and security.