Cybersecurity Conferences in Ireland, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity is an increasingly important and ever-growing topic within the Irish technology landscape due to the shift toward digital services and online solutions. As such, organizations and IT professionals across Ireland are forewarning the awareness of best security practices to assure the safety and security of digital and online data.

To increase knowledge, networks, and perspectives in the security environment, Ireland is host to numerous cybersecurity conferences and events to build a common understanding of cyber threats and how to tackle them.

The Cybersecurity Ireland Conference is a well-known event held in Dublin for industry professionals and security personnel. It offers a podium to share and discuss cybersecurity services, developments, and best practices among experts and business owners.

Another event is the Irish InfoSec Conf, which is organized by the Computer Security Incident Response Team Ireland (CSIRT-IE). This event is programmed to help build a strong cybersecurity community in Ireland by offering support and advice to respond to cyber threats.

For experts to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments, Infosec Ireland is an online platform where professional practitioners come together to exchange information about cyber threats and strategies to educate users on current best practices.

Aside from these conferences and events, Ireland also has several independent cybersecurity startups, such as chCP Security and Secure State, working to increase the security of businesses, organizations, and consumers. The Irish government and its respective agencies are working with these startups to grow Ireland’s cybersecurity landscape and develop safety measures for those working in the IT sector.

Default Event ImageCyber Intelligence Europe 2024

Date: 05/03/2024
Location: Dublin, Ireland

The 10th Cyber Intelligence Europe conference and exhibition will take place in Dublin, Ireland, on March 5-7, 2023. This worldwide event brings together top cyber security experts from Europe and North America to debate national strategies, legislation, and current cybercrime trends. Participants will also be able to learn about Ireland's experience with a large ransomware attack on its healthcare sector and how the government responded. This event is an excellent case study for learning about government collaboration and information sharing in the face of cybersecurity threats. To participate, please contact or +44 (0)7792 473 246.

Default Event ImageZero Day Con 2024

Date: 06/03/2024
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Zero Day Con 2024 is a must-attend cybersecurity conference for industry professionals seeking to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape. With the topic "Evolve," the conference provides an opportunity to network with major industry thought leaders, discover innovative solutions, and uncover answers to the future generation of cybersecurity. Attendees will meet to discuss subjects such as ransomware assaults, emerging technologies, and geopolitical complexities, all with the objective of better preparing themselves to protect the digital future. This is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded leaders, network, and learn about the most recent cybersecurity trends. Don't miss your chance to improve and keep informed at Zero Day Con 2024!

Default Event ImageEU Cyber Awards 2023

Date: 05/12/2023
Location: Dublin, Ireland

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