Cybersecurity Conferences in Italy, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity in Italy has recently become more of an issue due to the country’s rapidly developing digital landscape and increasing cyber threats. The Italian government, private cybersecurity companies, and universities are all responding with initiatives to improve their digital security.

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly popular topic in the Italian media and within academia, and there are several events and conferences to help advance the understanding and practice of IT security. The European Forum on Cybersecurity (EFCS) is the largest annual cybersecurity event in Italy, which brings together experts, practitioners, and researchers from around the world for a series of discussions and lectures.

The Italian government has established several data security initiatives, such as the National Data Security Plan which guides the state’s efforts in protecting sensitive data and reducing cyber threats. There are also several organizations dedicated to cyber protection, such as the Italian Agency for Digital Security (AICS). The agency provides research and certifications for products and processes that meet IT security goals.

The University of Milan also hosts the National Cybersecurity Summer School, a series of workshops designed to spread awareness of the latest technologies and threats in the IT field. The workshops focus on information security standards, current hacking techniques, and advanced IT security solutions.

Ernst & Young is a professional services firm that organizes several conferences and events focused on spreading the knowledge and importance of cybersecurity in business. These events feature industry leaders and experts talking about the latest cybersecurity developments within Europe, as well as the latest strategies to protect companies from cyberattacks.

Default Event ImageHackInBo Forensic Games

Date: 08/06/2024
Location: Bologna, Italy

HackInBo Forensic Games is a unique and fascinating cybersecurity conference that brings together specialists and amateurs of digital investigation. The event includes hands-on labs, rigorous competitions, and opportunities to learn from industry leaders. The symposium, which has received official support from the Carabinieri scientific police, will highlight the most recent advances and future trends in the sector. It is a must-attend event for anyone looking to improve their forensic analysis skills and become a part of a growing community. Don't miss out on this unique and instructive opportunity! # ForensicGames #DigitalInvestigation #ForensicSecurity

Default Event ImageItaliaSec 2024

Date: 07/05/2024
Location: Milan, Italy

ItaliaSec, Italy's top cybersecurity conference, will return to Milan in 2024 for its eighth annual edition. The agenda, created for and by information security specialists, sought to enable debates and foster collaboration between public and commercial enterprises in protecting their assets. The two-day event, which focused on essential themes such as the human aspect, employee training, and third-party risks, provided attendees with the opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn novel strategies from top security innovators, and network with industry professionals. This conference not only provided significant insights for corporations, but it also helped shape the country's cybersecurity landscape in the future. Don't pass up this incredible opportunity to stay ahead of the game.

Default Event ImageCyberHack 2024

Date: 02/03/2024
Location: Rome, Italy

The extremely popular CyberHack Itinerant 2024 is a national event that goes across the country looking for outstanding individuals to fill positions in Offensive and Defensive Cybersecurity. Building on the success of CyberHack2023, which drew over 200 participants, this initiative will work with Hackerbase, an Italian online platform dedicated to educating and assessing cybersecurity abilities, to host a series of 8-hour hackathons for university students. These hackathons will put participants through a series of activities covering many aspects of cybersecurity, providing an interactive and interesting method to approach this complex topic. Participants will not only be able to put their specific talents to the test, but they will also be able to learn new things about this fast changing profession.

Default Event ImageBSides Roma 2024

Date: 20/01/2024
Location: Rome, Italy

BSides Roma 2024 is a widely anticipated cybersecurity conference that will be held in Rome, Italy on January 20, 2024. With a heavy emphasis on offensive and defensive security, the conference will cover a wide range of issues such as penetration testing, incident response, and secure code. Attendees can look forward to hearing from a variety of presenters, including scholars, practitioners, and industry experts, as well as participating in hands-on workshops and tutorials. This conference is a must-attend for anyone looking to broaden their knowledge and network in the rapidly expanding topic of cybersecurity.

Default Event ImageRomHack 2024

Date: 28/09/2024
Location: Rome, Italy

RomHack, one of Italy's leading computer security conferences, will conduct its seventh edition in 2024, with an expected attendance of 800. The conference, organized by volunteers from the Cyber Saiyan non-profit society and sponsored by companies, attracts an English-speaking international audience and features prominent speakers like as Kim Zetter and James Forshaw. With a focus on Attack and Defense, the conference provides a whole package for speakers, including airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, and even a post-conference party. The Call for Papers is open until May 2024, and selected speakers will be contacted in June 2024. Additionally, the conference will provide possibilities for professional development through training sessions given by international trainers. More information is available on their website at