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Cybersecurity has become increasingly important to countries around the world, including Kenya, as digital threats continue to proliferate across the globe. Kenya is no exception, as the country continues to experience an increased frequency of cyberattacks and online security breaches. As a result, the government and other partner sectors have taken initiatives to heighten security measures, while also educating the public about cybersecurity practices and their increasing importance in a global society.

In recent years, several different cybersecurity conferences and events have been held throughout Kenya. These conferences serve to bring together international experts in cybersecurity as well as local stakeholders to discuss the latest security trends and challenges, and possible solutions. One example is the Kenya Information Security Conference, which is held annually and often features keynotes and other presentations from local and international cybersecurity experts.

In addition to conferences and events, Kenya also hosts several cybersecurity workshops and initiatives. These include the National Kenya Cyber Security Technical Working Group (NKCSTWG) which works to increase public understanding of cybersecurity and encourage local companies to adopt stronger cyber-defense strategies. The NKCSTWG also works to promote valuable government-sponsored cybersecurity initiatives such as the Kenya Cybersecurity Framework. Additionally, Kenya's Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Heritage has made strides to create effective and appropriate cybercrime regulations to protect Kenyans from sophisticated cyber threats.

23 September 2024



2024 - Hot Topics -Forging Stronger Shields - Collaborative Strategies to Defend Against Cyber Criminals -Driving Awareness and Training for a More Secure Digital Africa. -Three Dimension Compliance (Government, Academia & Industry) -Cybercrime and Hacking: Improving Ethics Surrounding Collegiate-Level Hacking Education -Healthcare and Cyber: The Next Challenges; Hospital as a Target for Cyber Attack -Machine Learning/AI in Cybersecurity/Effect on Our Decision-Making -Cyber Industry: Compliance Control for Retraining Cybersecurity Professionals -Data Collection and Effective Public Policy

15 October 2024


SECUREXPO East Africa 2024

Now in its sixth edition, Securexpo East Africa has built its reputation as the unmissable industry event of the year for security, fire, and safety professionals. Welcoming more than 3,000 visitors, 100 brands exhibiting, and with industry-leading educational conferences to stimulate inspiration and knowledge-sharing, Securexpo East Africa is the largest dedicated industry exhibition and conference. Forming part of the Securex Brand, Securexpo East Africa is one of four continental exhibitions that bring together security, fire, and safety professionals across the security supply chain. With sister expos residing in West Africa and South Africa and together Securex is the most recognized exhibition brand for the security, fire, and safety industry in Africa.

23 October 2024


Pulse Conferences: Governance 360 Africa: Cybersecurity 2024

Building Digital and Operational Resilience and Transparency 1. 3 action-packed days! A range of keynote addresses, topical debates, practical use corporate case studies, capacity-building workshops 2. 30+ speakers from across Africa and an international speaker panel! Specifically chosen for the differences they will bring to the table, with a brief to offer deep insights into what good security looks like 3. 360 perspectives! Cybercrime, governance, and resilience-building strategies from executives, officials, technologists, investors, practitioners, entrepreneurs, innovators Elevating Resilience in Industry and Government: Designed for leaders in Information Security, Technology, Risk, Resilience, and Assurance as well as C-level executives, Ministers, Board Directors, and the International Community. -Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Directors of ICT -Chief Resilience, Conduct Risk, Counter Fraud, Investigations and Financial Crime -Chief Compliance, Risk, Counsel, Assurance, Governance -Ministers, Commissioners, Director Generals, Governors -Chief Executive Officers -Board Directors, Non-Executive Directors, Audit and Risk Committees -Professional Bodies from the Technology, Business, Security, Governance, Anti-Corruption Communities

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