Cybersecurity Conferences in Latvia, 2024 - 2025

Discover Security Events in Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava, and Ventspils.

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Cybersecurity in Latvia has become a priority area for the government and Latvia’s digital network infrastructure is well-developed and increasingly secure. Latvia is a leader in the field of cybersecurity education and hosts several annual cybersecurity events and cyber conferences that aim to develop collaboration both at a national and international level.

The National Cyber Security and Incident Response Centre (CSIRC) headquartered in Riga is a specialized, inter-agency institution that provides prevention and response to current cyber security threats. The CSIRC has fostered close collaboration between Latvia and EU countries in risks containment and analysis in the field of cyber security.

In terms of cyber events, Latvia holds The National Cyber Security Conference each year, organized by Latvia’s Ministry of Defence and CSIRC. The conference brings together cyber security professionals from government and private institutions to discuss cybersecurity-related topics. The conference has become the largest cyber security conference in the Baltic region and promotes the development of research, networking, and collaboration among topic experts from national and international institutions.

Latvia is also home to an annual cyber security event, The National Cyber Security Forum. The event is the largest of its kind in the region and brings together students, academics, and IT security professionals from a variety of organizations. It provides a platform to discuss cybersecurity topics, share insights, and discuss best practices.

Additionally, the Riga-based company Cyber Security International Technology (CSIT), has become well-known for IT security conferences and events. It has held annual conferences since 2016 and attracts more than 150 delegates from over 30 countries.

Latvia also has its dedicated cyber security organization. The Latvian Cyber Security Association (LCSA) is a non-profit organization established to promote collaboration among IT security experts, organizations, and industry leaders. It provides resources such as courses, seminars, and conferences, as well as technical advice and guidance.

Baltic Sea Cyber Security Event

Date: 09/05/2024
Location: , Latvia

The event is an international forum for cyber security experts from the Baltic Sea region to meet and discuss current and future challenges.

Cyber Security Conference Riga

Date: 27/06/2024
Location: , Latvia

The conference focuses on the latest trends and challenges in the realm of information technology security. It is aimed at organizations, companies, government agencies, universities, institutes, research centers, and any other cyber security stakeholders and experts.

Baltic IT Security Conference

Date: 04/10/2024
Location: , Latvia

The event includes seminars, panel discussions, and workshops from leading experts in the field of information security from and across Europe.

Riga Secure Conference

Date: 17/10/2024
Location: , Latvia

This conference is dedicated to the community of Information Security professionals, practitioners, and all those interested in the security of digital systems.

Cyber Security Conference 2024

Date: 06/12/2024
Location: , Latvia

This event provides a platform to learn about the latest cyber security technologies, trends and threats. It explores the newest topics such as advanced malware, cyber warfare, and cloud security.

n Security Conference

Date: 08/05/2024
Location: , Latvia

This conference addresses the ever-evolving world of information security with a special emphasis on the trends and challenges posed in the n market.

Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Riga 2024

Date: 04/06/2024
Location: , Latvia

This expo covers the latest innovations, trends, and insights in the cyber security and cloud industries. It emphasizes the importance of collaboration between global players and local organizations in Lativa.

CyberSecurity Digital Summit Riga

Date: 14/10/2024
Location: , Latvia

This event brings together experts to discuss emerging trends and technologies in information security. It provides a platform to build new collaborations and promote cutting-edge solutions.

NORDIC Cyber Security Conference

Date: 05/11/2024
Location: , Latvia

This conference is a gathering of security professionals from the Baltic states seeking to discuss cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and technologies.

Cyber Defence and Network Security Conference

Date: 19/11/2024
Location: , Latvia

This event focuses on Cyber Defence, Network Security and challenges organisations to protect their networks from threats, both from inside and outside.

GISEC: Global Intelligence & Security Expo and Conference

Date: 08/12/2024
Location: , Latvia

This international event focuses on the emerging technologies and major trends within the Global Intelligence & Security industry.


Date: 11/12/2024
Location: , Latvia

LatHack is a multi-disciplinary hacker conference organized by the Riga Technical University’s Computer Security Lab. It focuses on ethics, security, privacy, digital rights, and cybercrime.