Cybersecurity Conferences in Monaco, 2024 – 2025

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A small, but influential, principality in Western Europe, Monaco is a player in the world of Cybersecurity, Computer Security, and Information Security. It is home to multiple organizations and institutions that facilitate research and development in the IT Security field. The IT security sector in Monaco is constantly monitored and protected with the latest technology and developments as it is the hub for a large number of financial transactions internationally. Its proximity to major countries like France further accentuates its importance on the regional level.

Cybersecurity Conferences in Monaco

The principality of Monaco is a hub for IT Security conferences every year. These conferences tend to center around topics related to computer and network security, data protection, and online privacy. The Monaco International Cyber Security Forum, held every year, is one of the biggest and most important conferences of the year. Other notable conferences that are held throughout the year include the European Cyber Security Summit, Monaco ICT Conferences, the Monaco Security Summit, and the Monaco e-Crime Conference.

Cyber Events in Monaco

In addition to conferences, there are also several smaller-scale events about cybersecurity and computer security that take place in Monaco each year. These events typically include hackathons, competitions, workshops, meetups, and other get-togethers that focus on topics such as cryptography, malware analysis, ethical hacking, data security, etc. These events are often spearheaded by local organizations, government bodies, or universities, and bring to Monaco the best minds from across the world.

General Cybersecurity in Monaco

Monaco takes cybersecurity very seriously and strives to stay ahead of the curve with their security measures. It has made significant strides in the world of IT Security with the deployment of innovative and novel technologies and platforms. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Monaco’s security has become more robust and sophisticated. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on Information Security due to its significance in preventing online breaches of protected data and avoiding identity theft. The laws and regulations in Monaco related to cybercrime are amongst the strictest in Europe.

Default Event ImageLeCercle 2023

Date: 12/12/2023
Location: Monaco City, Monaco

Le Cercle is a must-attend quarterly event for Les Assises attendees, bringing together prominent cybersecurity players for interesting talks and debates. This event is an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to broaden their knowledge and network with other experts. Don't miss out on the four networking events scheduled in Paris; see the event website for additional information.