Cybersecurity Conferences in Norway, 2024 – 2045

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Cybersecurity is a major concern in Norway. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeting organizations of all sizes. To keep up with the latest cyber threats and best practices, organizations and professionals in Norway are encouraged to attend cybersecurity conferences and events to gain insights and participate in discussions on developments in the field.

Conferences and events on cybersecurity in Norway are organized throughout the year. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of Norway is the country’s primary source for information security-related matters. The NCSC operates a conference center that hosts seminars and organized events related to cybersecurity.

In addition to NCSC-related events, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense (MoD) organizes various events on Cybersecurity throughout the year. Topics include ransomware, mobile security, and cloud security. The MoD also collaborates with universities and other organizations, such as the Center for Cyber & Information Security (CCIS), to promote their cybersecurity initiatives.

The Norwegian Cyber Security Cluster (NCSC) is an industry cluster in Norway founded in 2014. This cluster provides a platform for the development of cybersecurity solutions to meet the cybersecurity needs of the country while promoting collaboration between Norwegian and international cybersecurity companies. The NCSC also holds regular cybersecurity events, such as a seminar led by the Norwegian Cyber Security Alliance.

For those seeking to expand their knowledge of IT Security, Norway offers a variety of educational programs. Several universities in Norway offer Master’s degrees in Cyber Security, including the University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, and Nord University. These specialized programs focus on specific components of cybersecurity such as digital forensics, cryptography, and cyber defense techniques.

Cybersecurity in Norway is taken seriously, and organizations must adhere to the country’s Act on Electronic Communication and Information Security, or Lov om elektronisk kommunikasjon og informasjonssikkerhet. A full body of legal and technical regulations in the Act governs the security and privacy of personal and corporate data.

Default Event ImageHackCon

Date: 14/02/2024
Location: Oslo, Norway

HackCon, Norway's flagship cybersecurity conference, has been operating since 2005, owing to the efforts of the country's leading security specialists. The conference's goal is to give practical courses and debates about cyber security while also creating a social environment to address current and future difficulties in this industry. Every year, over 1200 talks and research papers are rigorously scrutinized to determine the top 12 speakers for the event. This extremely selective procedure ensures that attendees are exposed to the most current and cutting-edge subjects in the business. Don't pass up the opportunity to learn from the best – register for HackCon today at

Default Event ImageNDC Security 2024

Date: 08/01/2024
Location: Oslo, Norway

NDC Security 2024 is a four-day, highly informative and interesting cybersecurity conference. The first two days are dedicated to in-depth workshops, while the following two days contain a full schedule of conference sessions. Attendees can expect to get vital insights and expertise from prominent professionals in the area, making this an essential event for everyone in the cybersecurity sector. Overall, NDC Security 2024 provides a comprehensive and instructive curriculum for those seeking to keep current on the latest cyber defense developments and best practices.

Default Event ImageNDC Oslo 2024

Date: 10/06/2024
Location: Oslo, Norway

The NDC Conferences are a highly recommended series of events for software developers seeking to expand their cybersecurity knowledge and skills. The conferences offer talks by industry professionals on a wide range of topics, including emerging threats and effective defense techniques. Attendees may expect to learn valuable insights and practical ideas for improving their cybersecurity strategies. Individuals can select the conference that best meets their needs from among a selection of possibilities. Overall, NDC conferences are an excellent way to remain up to date on the latest cybersecurity developments and best practices.

Default Event ImageIDC Security Forum: Norway 2024

Date: 25/09/2024
Location: Oslo, Norway

The European cybersecurity conference offered significant insights and suggestions for firms looking to strengthen their IT security procedures. With IT security being the primary worry for European organizations, it is critical for them to safeguard their data, apps, networks, and devices. Failure to do so can lead to damaging breaches and a loss of trust among consumers and stakeholders. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the latest security trends and technology, as well as practical tips for IT and risk management. The seminar also underlined the need of collaboration among CISOs and CXO leadership teams in mitigating threats and ensuring the organization's safety.