Cybersecurity Conferences in Poland, 2024 – 2045

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Cybersecurity in Poland has become increasingly prominent in the IT sector over the last few years. The nation is internationally recognized as a leader in IT security innovation, owing to its cutting-edge research, development, and implementation of solutions in the field.

Poland is host to a variety of cybersecurity conferences and events. These occur both annually and biannually, as well as regionally throughout the year. The largest annual event is the Cyber Security Forum of Poland, which takes place in Warsaw. It brings together experts from around the world to discuss the latest industry trends and debate security initiatives. It also provides a platform for networking and collaboration between all attendees.

The Arslegis conference is one of the largest and most popular events for cybersecurity professionals in Poland. It brings together technology leaders from both public and private sectors to explore best practices of cyber security and share insights and experiences. The conference also offers practical solutions tailored to Poland’s environment.

The International Cybercrime and Security Conference (ICCS) is one of the biggest cyber events in Poland. It provides a platform for stakeholders from the region and beyond to exchange ideas on tackling cybercrime. They discuss cutting-edge topics such as mobile and cloud computing, cybersecurity issues, and forensics. The event also covers trends in the legal and economic aspects of the field.

Overall, cybersecurity in Poland is gaining significant momentum with technology leaders, government bodies, and investors using innovative strategies to combat cyber threats. This includes investing in research and development, strengthening the cyber deterrence approach, and engaging in multi-stakeholder dialogues. Furthermore, initiatives such as the Cybersecurity Policy Framework and the Cyber-Physical Security Cluster are helping Poland strengthen its IT security operations.

Default Event ImageCONFidence 2024

Date: 27/05/2024
Location: Krakow, Poland

CONFidence is a highly regarded worldwide cybersecurity conference held yearly in Kraków, Poland. It is a must-attend event for anybody in the area, including deep-dive technical lectures, workshops, networking opportunities, and open skill-sharing. The 24th edition will take place on May 27-28, 2024, at EXPO Kraków. The program addresses a wide range of current and important issues, such as phishing, malware, social engineering, physical security, and others. Attendees can hear from top experts and industry leaders, compete in contests, and enjoy an after-party. A Certificate of Attendance and CPE points are also available, and there is now a Call for Papers. Tickets can be bought through the official website. Don't miss out on the opportunity to attend CONFidence 2024!

Default Event ImageInfrasec Forum 2024

Date: 28/02/2024
Location: Warsaw, Poland

The InfraSEC Forum is the must-attend event for anybody interested in cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection. With the advent of sophisticated cyber assaults against OT elements, the conference provides a forum for representatives from diverse industries to gather and discuss viable solutions. Attendees will expect real-life case studies, lively debates with OT cybersecurity specialists, roundtable discussions, and talks by notable guests from Poland and abroad. Furthermore, practical sessions, both on-site and online, will give learners hands-on experience using their newly acquired information. Don't pass up this excellent opportunity to keep aware and ready for any cyber threats.

Default Event ImageOh My H@ck 2023

Date: 05/12/2023
Location: Warsaw, Poland

Oh My H@ck is a well-known cybersecurity conference that has been running for many years. It is known for bringing together top industry experts to share their knowledge and experience. The event allows attendees to network, learn from professionals, and compete in red or blue team challenges. Adam Haertle, founder and editor-in-chief of the Trusted Third Party website and co-host of the Rozmowa Kontrolowana podcast, is organizing the conference, which will ensure high-quality content. Stay up to date by following them on social media, and plan to attend Oh My H@ck 2023 to join a community of enthusiastic IT security aficionados.

Default Event ImageScalar Conference 2024

Date: 21/03/2024
Location: Warsaw, Poland

The Scalar conference, which commemorates the Scala language's 20th anniversary, provides a unique and important experience for anyone interested in functional programming. With a broad and informed community, attendees will be able to learn from experienced IT specialists, meet with like-minded people, and acquire useful insights. Making contacts and sharing ideas is a hallmark of this two-day conference, which promises fun and insightful discussions about all things Scala. Don't pass up this wonderful opportunity to grow your expertise and network at Scalar.