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Croatia is becoming increasingly focused on improving its cybersecurity and IT security practices. Croatia is seeing an increased focus on cyber education and research in the public, private, and educational sectors. The challenge for Cybersecurity is that Croatia is vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals due to a lack of resources and capacity.

The Croatian government is committed to boosting IT security. In 2016, the government passed the Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Law, which established the National Cyber Security Protection System and Cyber Security Center. The government is also working to establish national standards and regulations for IT security.

In response to the increasing need for cybersecurity, Croatia has hosted several cyber conferences and events to discuss and promote cybersecurity topics. The annual Croatian Security Conference (CroSec) is held in Zagreb and focuses on information security. The Croatian Information Security Conference also takes place in Zagreb and focuses on IT security topics. Additionally, the Croatia Information Security Summit (CROSTIS) takes place in Zagreb and covers topics related to IT and cyber security.

The Croatian government is taking steps to ensure the security of the country's digital infrastructure. The Ministry of Science and Education launched the National Cyber Security Initiative, which provides resources to educate the public and teach cybersecurity best practices. Additionally, the government has established several cybersecurity research centers and programs focused on researching and developing new IT security strategies.

Cybersecurity is an ever-growing and ever-evolving challenge in Romania. With advances in technology, the number of security threats continues to increase, and the need for cybersecurity solutions is greater than ever. Romania is no exception to this trend, with the country in a race to stay ahead of the security of its citizens’ data.

In Romania, there is a clear focus on developing digital infrastructure and increasing the availability of digital services. This has resulted in a large increase in cybercrime and a need for enhanced cybersecurity solutions. As such, there is a growing drive amongst public and private entities to improve security protocols and to invest in technology to combat online threats.

In addition to this, the Romanian government has implemented numerous programs and initiatives to help combat cyber threats. This includes the National Cyber Security Strategy 2017-2020, which is aimed at developing a secure cyber environment for the population through regulation and cooperation between public authorities, universities, and research institutions.

The presence of cyber security in Romania is also reflected in the country’s annual cyber security conferences. Events such as the Cyber Security and Privacy National Conference, the Romanian Security Conference (RSC), the International Cyber Security Conference (ICCSS), and the COSI Cyber Security Day are all major players in raising awareness of cyber security issues impacting Romanian businesses and citizens.

These conferences not only seek to bring together businesses, government entities, universities, as well as IT security experts, but they also provide an opportunity for the development and evaluation of cybersecurity strategies and solutions for Romania.

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