Saudia Arabia Information Security Conferences, 2021 - 2022

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Cybersecurity Conferences & Events In Saudi Arabia

Author: Henry Dalziel

In this resource, we list Saudi Arabian Cybersecurity Conferences taking place throughout 2020.

After the United States, Saudi Arabia is one of the more popular countries for hosting InfoSec Events.

 November 28th, 2021
 Saudi Arabia
 Hacker Conference, Programming
 November 28th, 2021
 Saudi Arabia
 Artificial Intelligence, Data, Healthcare, IOT
 October 4th, 2021
 Saudi Arabia
 Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Security, Cybercrime, Cyberwarfare, Hacker Conference, IOT, Machine Learning, Mobile Security, Offensive Security (Malware), SCADA/ ICS, Web Application Security
 September 13th, 2021
 Saudi Arabia
 CXO Level, Hacker Conference, Training, Women In Cybersecurity
 March 23rd, 2021
 Saudi Arabia
 Blockchain, Cloud Security, CXO Level, Cybercrime, Cyberwarfare, Data, Mobile Security, Risk, Women In Cybersecurity
 November 14th, 2020
 Saudi Arabia
 Forensics, Hacker Conference, Offensive Security (Malware)
 July 13th, 2020
 Saudi Arabia
 CXO Level, Cybercrime, IOT, Offensive Security (Malware), Web Application Security
 April 21st, 2020
 Saudi Arabia
 Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Security, IOT

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