Cybersecurity Conferences in South Korea, 2024 – 2045

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The security of information technology (IT) systems is a growing concern in South Korea, with the emergence of hackers, terrorist threats, and other malicious actors. The South Korean government and private sector have taken proactive measures to ensure the country’s cyber security. The South Korean Information Security Agency (KISA) was established in March 2013 to protect the country’s critical information infrastructure (CII). The strategic National Computing and Information Security R&D Center was also established to strengthen South Korea’s national efforts against cyber threats.

South Korea is one of the most active countries in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of cyber security. In terms of cyber-security events and conferences, the country is often seen as a regional leader in space.

South Korea hosts and participates in several cybersecurity conferences and events throughout the year, including national security symposia, cyber security conferences, hacking competitions, information security conferences, and cybersecurity expositions. Some of the most notable events are designated by the government, while others are organized by private entities.

Korea Cyber Security Week (KCSW) is one of the leading cyber security conferences in South Korea. Established in 2014, KCSW is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and KISA. This annual cybersecurity event brings together experts from industry, academia, and government to present findings and discuss issues related to policy, technology, and research and development.

The South Korean government also sponsors an annual Information Security Competition (ISC), which pits students and experts from various universities and organizations against each other in competitive hacking. The annual Information Security Brokerage Conference (ISBC) provides an open and public platform for stakeholders to establish and strengthen information security partnerships.

South Korea places great importance on the protection of IT infrastructure. With cyber security conferences, events, and competitions, South Korea is a leader in the cybersecurity field in the Asia-Pacific region. These events and initiatives serve to inform the public of the challenges that digital infrastructure faces and provide a platform for experts to work together to ensure the security of data and systems.

Default Event ImageSecuinside Conference 2024

Date: 13/08/2024
Location: , South Korea

Secuinside Conference is an annual event that showcases new developments in information security and educates attendees on the basics of security culture. The event is held in Seoul and features industry professionals, researchers and hackers who demonstrate and discuss the latest vulnerabilities.

Default Event ImageCybersecurity Conference 2024

Date: 12/05/2024
Location: , South Korea

Cybersecurity Conference 2024 aims to provide guidance and insight to small and medium-sized enterprises who are at the frontline of cybersecurity. It will be held in Seoul and feature key international speakers from various security-related industries.

Default Event ImageKorea Cyber Security Summit 2024

Date: 18/05/2024
Location: , South Korea

Korea Cyber Security Summit 2024 will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park. Organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and the Korea Internet & Security Agency, the event will cover topics such as data protection, threats, emergency response and regulation.

Default Event Image Korea Information Security Conference 202

Date: 12/09/2024
Location: , South Korea

The Korea Information Security Conference is organized annually by the Korea Information Security Agency. The 2024 event included topics from emerging security threats, to cryptography and authentication technologies and was held in Seoul.

Default Event ImageCyber and AI Security Conference 2024

Date: 07/11/2024
Location: , South Korea

The Cyber and AI Security Conference is a two-day event held at KAIST in Seoul and is hosted by the Korea Institute of Internet and e-Commerce. It focuses on developments in cybersecurity and the use of AI/machine learning to secure networks and endpoints.

Default Event ImageCyber Security Forum

Location: , South Korea

The Cyber Security Forum is an annual event organized by the Korea Information Security Association. It is held in Seoul and features speakers from government, academia and industry who discuss and showcase new developments in cybersecurity.

Default Event ImageISSSC (International Symposium on Security in Computing and Communications) 2024

Date: 29/07/2024
Location: , South Korea

ISSSC is an annual event held in Daejeon and is organized by the Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology. The Symposium focuses on new academic ideas and techniques related to the fields of security and encryption.

Default Event ImageKIISC (Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology) 2024

Date: 31/10/2024
Location: , South Korea

KIISC is an annual event held at the Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology in Seoul. Attendees can learn and discuss the most recent developments in security and encryption from leading industry professionals.

Default Event ImageKISA (Korea Information Security Association) Conference 2024

Date: 06/11/2024
Location: , South Korea

KISA Conference is hosted by the Korea Information Security Association and is held in Seoul. It features key international speakers from web-application security, to mobile security and threat detection.

Default Event ImageAI & Cyber Security Forum

Date: 14/07/2024
Location: , South Korea

The AI & Cyber Security Forum is an annual event hosted by the Korea Information Security Association in Seoul. It features international speakers and experts in the fields of cybersecurity, AI and Big Data who offer their insights on the newest trends and developments.

Default Event ImageINTERPOL World 2024

Date: 24/07/2024
Location: , South Korea

INTERPOL World is an international event held in Seoul that focuses on developments in online crime and physical security. It features key international speakers and exhibitors who showcase their latest products related to network security.