Cybersecurity Conferences in Spain, 2024 - 2025

Discover Security Events in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao.

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Cybersecurity is a heightened priority across the world, and Spain is no exception.

With the accelerated move of fragile personal, governmental, and business data onto the web, Spain must take serious, and continual steps to protect user data.

Cybercrime in Spain is estimated to cause €2 billion in damages annually, with the majority of incidents impacting businesses.

Fortunately, the public and private sectors are taking proactive steps to ensure that cybersecurity objectives are met and that citizens and businesses remain more secure in the global digital ecosystem. Meanwhile, cybersecurity conferences in Spain focus on the latest developments and best practices in cybersecurity and offer excellent insight and resources for attendees.

Several major cybersecurity conferences are scheduled to take place in Spain each year.

The Information Security and Data Protection Industry Summit in Madrid is a two-day event open to the public. The event features a range of topics, but the core focus is on data protection and cybersecurity, as well as upcoming government measures to secure user data in Spain.

Beyond conferences, Cyber Workshops are also popular in Spain and are a great way to gain further knowledge about cyber vulnerabilities, attack methods, and protection strategies. Whereas conferences are focused on industry trends and policies, Cyber Workshops offer a range of different hands-on workshops and lessons to bring these ideas to life.

In summary, Cybersecurity Conferences and events provide valuable insight into the state of Cybersecurity in Spain.

With in-depth talks, panel sessions, hands-on workshops, and more, IT experts, decision-makers, and industry newbies can get a better understanding of the urgent steps required to secure user data and combat cybercrime.

Aseguramiento de Sisetemas y Alta Tecnología (ASAT)

Date: 08/04/2024
Location: , Spain

ASAT is a cybersecurity conference held every year in Madrid, Spain. It is the largest cybersecurity conference in Spain and it covers a wide range of topics, such as cryptography, big data, security architectures, authentication, digital forensics, and much more.

Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress 2024

Date: 10/11/2024
Location: , Spain

The Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress is an annual conference held in Barcelona, Spain. It is an international event, featuring speakers from around the world. The conference focuses on new strategies in cybersecurity with themes like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Malware Analysis.

Iberian Information Security Conference (IberSec)

Date: 22/04/2024
Location: , Spain

IberSec is an annual cybersecurity conference held in Barcelona, Spain. This conference focuses on a wide range of topics relating to security, such as mobile security, secure development, blockchain, quantum computing, and cloud security.

Security By Design Summit 2024

Date: 21/09/2024
Location: , Spain

The Security By Design Summit is an annual cybersecurity conference held in Barcelona, Spain. It is attended by world-renowned security professionals, vendors, developers, and open-source contributors. The summit covers topics such as secure coding, secure architecture, threat models, cryptography, and responding to cyber threats.

Infosecurity & Cloud Security Summit

Date: 28/04/2024
Location: Spain,

The Infosecurity & Cloud Security Summit is an annual conference held in Madrid, Spain. This event features security experts from around the world and it focuses on topics such as enterprise security, cyber defence, digital forensics, identity management, cybercrime, and much more.

Cyber Security Conference Spain

Date: 14/04/2024
Location: , Spain

The Cyber Security Conference Spain is an annual event held in Barcelona, Spain. It is a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences on global cybersecurity trends and best practices. Topics discussed include standards, strategies, and technology for cyber defence, secure cloud computing, and secure software development.

Security Resilience & Analytics Summit 2024

Date: 06/10/2024
Location: , Spain

The Security Resilience & Analytics Summit is an annual conference held in Barcelona, Spain. It is dedicated to the issues of security resilience and analytics. Attendees will discuss the latest developments in analytical cyber defences, secure analytics systems, and developing a defense-in-depth security strategy.

Cybersecurity for Business Summit 2024

Date: 28/04/2024
Location: , Spain

The Cybersecurity for Business Summit is an annual event held in Madrid, Spain. It focuses on current best practices and innovative strategies to ensure the security of your business. Attendees will discuss topics such as secure authentication, encryption, developing secure software, and responding to cyber incidents.

IoT & Security Summit 2024

Date: 13/10/2024
Location: , Spain

The IoT & Security Summit is an annual cybersecurity conference held in Madrid, Spain. This event features world-class speakers on the latest topics in enterprise security, cloud security, the Internet of Things, software security, and more.

Digital Summit Madrid 202

Date: 23/06/2024
Location: , Spain

The Digital Summit Madrid is an annual conference held in Madrid, Spain. It focuses on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, and provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about innovative strategies for digital transformation. The event also features scientists, security professionals, and industry leaders to discuss digital security trends.

World Blockchain Summit 2024

Date: 29/09/2024
Location: ,