Cybersecurity Conferences in Ukraine, 2024 – 2045

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RECOMMENDED | Application Security Leaders | May 31st, 2024

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Ukraine has become an increasingly important hub for Cybersecurity in recent years. IT Security has become a priority, as cybercrime continues to grow in the region and globally. Ukraine is one of Europe’s leading countries for hosting international cybersecurity conferences, making it an important center for the sector.

Ukraine Institute of Information Security is the largest independent non-profit security organization in Ukraine, dedicated to spreading the knowledge of IT security through workshops, training, certification exams, and numerous events. It also hosts and organizes the annual Cyber Security Conference in Ukraine, which brings together the country’s security professionals to discuss the latest cyber-related issues. Additionally, the governing body WILLC (The All-Ukrainian League of IT Security Professionals) also holds regular events and conferences in Ukraine on information security topics and new security strategies.

With the continuation of the Russian conflict, cyber-warfare and cybercrime incidents have been one of the biggest security threats for Ukraine. There are also increasing threats associated with information systems, fraud, espionage, and data theft. Ukraine has responded by strengthening the cyber defense of its critical information infrastructure. The country has introduced several laws and regulations such as the Law of Ukraine for the Protection of Personal Data, the Law of Ukraine on the Electronic Digital Signatures, and the Law on Cyber Security, to help combat cyber-attacks and protect customers’ data. Ukraine is also an active participant in NATO’s CCDCOE (Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence) program; the objective of this program is to improve the security of NATO nations’ cyber networks.

Ukraine is now considered one of Europe’s leading countries for hosting cybersecurity conferences which bring professionals and experts together to explore and discuss the latest developments in cyber security. These events are a great opportunity for Ukrainian IT professionals and organizations to stay up to date with the latest threats and strategies for security. A few notable cybersecurity conferences in Ukraine are the International Symposium for Information Security (ISFC) and Cyber Expert Forum.