Cybersecurity Conferences In Arkansas, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity in the State of Arkansas

Cybersecurity in Arkansas is an increasingly important concern for all types of businesses, organizations, and individuals. Arkansas is a state that, like many other states, has seen an increasing number of cyber-attacks over the last few years.

In response, the Arkansas state government has taken numerous steps to actively protect citizens and improve the state’s resistance to cyber-attacks, ranging from reinforcing databases to sponsoring cybersecurity conferences and educating the IT workforce.

The Arkansas State Police and the Arkansas Division of Homeland Security are both devoted to providing cybersecurity services, such as network awareness and threat detection, to prevent malicious activity. In addition, the Arkansas Small Business Development Center offers assistance with creating and maintaining secure networks.

In addition to the programs in place to systematically improve cybersecurity, the State of Arkansas has sponsored several conferences and security-focused events in recent years.

The Arkansas Cybersecurity Summit, for example, held an annual conference every fall in Little Rock to discuss experiences, best practices, and specific security topics.

This event was free to all, and it included breakout sessions and a vendor expo. CybertechLIVEre includes speakers from leading organizations in the cybersecurity industry and it typically covers a variety of topics, such as cloud security, artificial intelligence, and DevOps.

The State of Arkansas has also started programs that provide relevant IT job training and internships for students.

The Cyber Innovation Center highlights the importance of cybersecurity and provides training for those interested in a cyber career. It also sponsors events such as hackathons and streaming events to find the most talented and engaged IT professionals in the state.

Cybersecurity Events in Arkansas

Default Event ImageShell On The Border 2023

Date: 29/12/2023
Location: Fort Smith, United States

The content on Shell on the Border's website appears to be a creative and fun portrayal, maybe representing the event's hacker or cybersecurity culture. However, the accessible content did not include specific event characteristics such as its emphasis, activities, or dates. Given the context and expected content of previous events, Shell on the Border might include hacking challenges, cybersecurity discussions, or community meetings.