Cybersecurity Conferences In California, 2021 - 2022

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California, United States

Chicago Cyber Security Summit Conference
Information Security Conferences in California

Governor: Gavin Newsom [D]
Head of State-Level Cybersecurity (CISO/CA): Peter Liebert
Head of State-Level Cybersecurity (CISO/CA): Vitaliy Panych

California, as the United State’s most populous state, is also home to Silicon Valley. The State's robust IT infrastructure, as well as having some of the most respected (and pinoeering) tech universities in the country, makes the State a prime target for cyber attacks.

California is often regarded as being a "test-center" for anything InfoSec-related. Along with Maryland and Virginia, these three States lead the way with regards to preventing and mitigating cyber threats. Out of all the US States, California has shown some of the most creative legislation with regards to Cybersecurity. Over the last decade the State's leadership has enabled public-private cooperation to flourish.

For example, in 2013, ex-California Governor Jerry Brown created the California Cybersecurity Task Force that included professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines and backgrounds from state and local governments, universities, Fortune-500, and tech companies of all sizes with varying expertize.

Other California-based cybersecurity intitiatives includ the establishment of the California Cybersecurity Integration Center (Cal-CSIC) and the establishment of a multi-agency Cyber Incident Response Team. These two organizations help to secure California’s preparedness and responsiveness to cyber attacks and toughen resilence to the State's economy.

Cities in California with the most conferences & events (vitual or "in-person")

Cities in the State of California with the most amount of Cybersecurity conferenes are, in order of quantity, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, San Carlos and Anaheim.

California-based security events

All "major" cybersecurity conferenes (virtual or "in-person") in California will be automatically placed within this resource.

 November 2nd, 2021
 July 12th, 2021
 October 8th, 2021
 August 17th, 2021
 August 15th, 2021
 June 24th, 2021
 May 14th, 2021
 August 3rd, 2021
 March 10th, 2021
 California, New York
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 September 1st, 2021
 October 6th, 2021
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