Cybersecurity Conferences In Florida, 2021 - 2022

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Florida, United States

Information Security Conferences in Florida

Governor: Ron DeSantis [R]
Head of State-Level Cybersecurity (CISO/FL): Thomas Vaughn

Similar to Texas, the State of Florida has a State-run Cybersecurity task force that was established to analyze the state's cybersecurity posture. The Florida InfoSec Committee consists of members from both the public and private sectors who have backgrounds in wide experience within Information Security.

Florida is, apparently, second to California, as the State with the highest amount of cybercrime victims. My research has shown that in 2019, USD$ 111 million was reported to have been stolen from unsuspecting (or unwilling) Floridians. Florida is growing year-on-year with Cybersecurity companies being incorporated in the State. As of 2020 there were 28,000 tech companies that operate in Florida with more than 5,200 providing IT-specific services, and of those 2,100 were listed as being within the Cybersecurity industry.

Florida, according to LinkedIn, ranks fourth for tech employment nationally with more than 238,000 IT jobs.

According to the conferences that are submitted to our directory, Florida is the third most popular State to host an InfoSec event. Owing to the weather and "relaxed atmosphere", Florida and especially Miami and Orlando, has long been a favorite to host conferences so it's hardly that surprising that there is an abundance of IT Security events that take place in those cities. Las Vegas, Nevada is similar to Miami and Orlando in that respect.

In terms of quantity of events within our directory, a typical year of security conferences in Florida would see Orlando as hosting the most events, followed by Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and finally Lake Buena Vista

Of course, the situation in 2020 was very different owing to the COVID pandemic with Florida being particularly hard-hit.

Floridian Security Events

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