Cybersecurity Conferences in Florida, 2024 - 2025

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RECOMMENDED | Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit | March 4 - 5, 2024

Information Security in Florida

Cybersecurity, Computer Security, and Information Security are of utmost importance for the protection of businesses and consumers in the State of Florida.

With an especially high concentration of technology-driven businesses and vast networks of commercial infrastructure, Florida is a key target for cyber-attacks. Florida’s governmental and private companies must take very seriously the risks associated with cyber threats and protect their assets by special measures.

The Florida Office of Cybersecurity, in partnership with academic institutions and leading security companies, provides many educational and training opportunities for businesses and citizens of the state. The office leads by example and organizes security training and conferences, like the Florida Cyber and Infrastructure Security Conferences, to train and equip companies and state governments for the ever-changing cybersecurity environment. In addition, the office provides cyber awareness campaigns and notifications so that Florida citizens can stay informed about the latest security threats.

The Florida Office of Cybersecurity works closely with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as public and private sector organizations to protect the interests of citizens and businesses.

Highlights of their work include regularly collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security and the US Secret Service to secure financial and critical infrastructures and developing specialized Cybersecurity Protocols to safeguard and protect over 8 million public and private user accounts in Florida.

The State of Florida is also host to multiple annual cybersecurity conferences, such as the SANS Free Threat Hunting Summit which allows cybersecurity professionals to learn about the latest in security trends and solutions.

Also, the Women in Cybersecurity Conference focuses on diversity and encourages female students, researchers, and professionals from around the world to exchange ideas and knowledge with peers.

Cybersecurity Conferences in Florida