Cybersecurity Conferences In Hawaii, 2024 – 2025

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Information Security in Hawaii

The State of Hawaii is a highly advanced digital economy, representing a prime target for cyber-attacks and malicious actors.

To ensure the security of its citizens and citizen information, Hawaii has stepped up its efforts to develop and protect its digital infrastructure. Hawaii is a participant in the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS), a United States Department of Homeland Security initiative to promote careers in cybersecurity. The Hawaii National Guard 95th Cyber Protection Squadron is based in Honolulu and provides a range of cybersecurity services and preventive measures.

Hawaii has also been at the forefront when it comes to the development of regulations for data privacy protection. The State of Hawaii recently passed the country’s first comprehensive data privacy law, designed to help protect individuals’ data and information from potential online breaches. The law mirrors other national data privacy laws such as the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation.

The State of Hawaii also has a variety of information security initiatives such as the Hawaii State Cyber Resilience Initiative and the Hawaii Connected Governments e-citizen initiative. These initiatives are designed to strengthen digital security measures and provide citizens with the tools necessary to protect themselves online.

Cybersecurity Conferences in Hawaii

The Hawaii Association of Law Enforcement Executives (HAOLE) holds an annual conference on cyber security in Hawaii. The conference brings together law enforcement officials, industry leaders, and educators to discuss cyber threats and best practices. The conference is held in Honolulu and provides an opportunity to share and discuss cutting-edge cybersecurity topics with other professionals.

Additionally, the Hawaii Cyber Security Alliance (HICSA) holds regular public events such as hackathons, meetups, and trainings. These events are designed to help raise awareness, share best practices, and provide resources for individuals and organizations alike to increase their digital security.

Cyber Security Hawaii is Hawaii’s preeminent information security organization that hosts numerous industry-leading conferences, workshops, and seminars throughout the year, including the popular Cyber Security Conference Hawaii event. Through these forums, participants from varying backgrounds can share and discuss ideas and solutions related to cybersecurity.

Default Event ImageHawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2024

Date: 03/01/2024
Location: Honolulu, United States

The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) is seeking submissions for its upcoming session, which includes Symposium, Workshop, and Tutorial (SWT) proposals, papers, and Pre-Conference Doctoral Consortium applications. Key dates include a paper submission deadline of June 15, 2024, as well as other crucial deadlines running up to the conference. HICSS is well-known for its academic citations, global participation, and significant contributions to system sciences, making it an important event for scholars and researchers worldwide.

Default Event ImageINTERFACE Honolulu 2024

Date: 22/05/2024
Location: Honolulu, United States

INTERFACE Honolulu is designed to help IT professionals stay up to date on the technology that powers their organizations and protects their operational infrastructure. The conference is scheduled for May 22nd, 2024, and will include topics such as information security, infrastructure, cloud computing, disaster recovery, communications, and more. Attendees may expect lectures, panel discussions, and displays that showcase best-in-class hardware and software solutions, as well as insights from local professionals and organizations.

Default Event ImageInternational Conference on Information and Computer Technologies (ICICT) 2024

Date: 15/03/2024
Location: Honolulu, United States

The 7th International Conference on Information and Computer Technologies (ICICT) will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, from March 15 to 17, 2024. This annual conference provides an international venue for academia and industry to exchange perspectives and ideas on the state of the art and practice of information and computer technology. Previous versions have been hosted at a variety of locales, including virtually. ICICT 2024 intends to incorporate the best work in each field, and is accepting applications for symposiums, workshops, tutorials, and papers.