Cybersecurity Conferences In Nebraska, 2024 – 2025

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The State of Nebraska is a leader in the nation for robust and innovative cybersecurity practices and strategies. Cybersecurity and information security affect the daily lives of Nebraskans from business to government functions, and the understanding and adaptation of cyber protocols must keep up with the pace of technological advances. As a result, Nebraska has become home to numerous cybersecurity conferences and events, networking opportunities for tech users of all levels, and a wide range of other IT-security-related initiatives.

When it comes to cybersecurity events and conferences, Nebraska boasts plenty of options, ranging from beginner-level seminars to annual professional conventions.

Cybersecurity conferences in Nebraska that attract international attention are the Midwest Cyber Security Conference and Nebraskan State Cyber Ops. Other notable cyber events include the Digital Nebraska Symposium, Omaha Cybersecurity Summit, Cyber Security and Information Assurance Day, and the Midwest Technology Leaders Summit.

In addition, as part of the Nebraska School of Technology, the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), through its Cyber Security Education and Research Center, has become a major hub for education and research in the field of cybersecurity. From computer science, cyber forensics, and information assurance to network security and digital forensic investigation, UNO’s Cyber Security Education Center offers a range of academic and technical courses, certifications, and competency-based programs.

As the digital landscape and the need for tech security continues to evolve, cybersecurity in Nebraska has become a rapidly growing field. From the proven success of Nebraska’s numerous cybersecurity events and conferences to its cutting-edge university programs, the state is on the leading edge of IT security. Govtech, the trusted source for government technology professionals, recently named Nebraska one of the seven top states investing in infosec, and many other news agencies have praised the state for its forward-thinking and comprehensive stance on cyber safety.

Default Event ImageFutureCon Omaha CyberSecurity Conference 2024

Date: 18/04/2024
Location: Omaha, United States

FutureCon Events in Omaha 2024 focuses on advanced cybersecurity training, cutting-edge security techniques, and risk management in the ever-changing threat scenario. The event will include conversations with C-level executives about managing cyber attack risks, as well as an educational session for C-suite executives and CISOs on the worldwide cybercrime epidemic and how to develop cyber resilient enterprises. Keynote speaker Ross Coudeyras, along with a panel of industry leaders, will talk about current cyber dangers and strategic security methods. The seminar stresses that cybersecurity is more than just an IT issue, providing insights into enabling applications and protecting computer environments from modern cyber threats.

Default Event ImageINTERFACE Omaha 2024

Date: 07/11/2024
Location: Omaha, United States

INTERFACE Omaha, slated for November 7th, 2024, is intended to help IT professionals stay current with the technology that powers their organizations and secures their operational infrastructure. The event covers a wide range of issues, including information security, infrastructure, cloud computing, disaster recovery, and communications, and includes presentations, panel discussions, and exhibitors who showcase the most recent developments and best practices. Attendees will be able to educate themselves, receive guidance, and connect with resources to help them achieve their goals in the face of emerging problems such as ransomware, security concerns, and AI breakthroughs.