Cybersecurity Conferences In Ohio, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses and individuals alike within the State of Ohio, as cyberattacks continue to increase in number and sophistication.

With the accelerated growth of online technology being used by businesses and individuals in Ohio, organizations are now at heightened risk for exposure, exploitation, and data theft. To combat this, organizations and individuals are turning to cyber security solutions to improve their security posture and protect their sensitive data.

Organizations, businesses, and other entities in the State of Ohio have access to several cybersecurity conferences and events offered throughout the year. Several prominent events include the Ohio Cybersecurity Conference, held in Columbus Ohio each year, which provides educational and networking opportunities for IT security professionals.

The state also offers the Ohio Cyber Summit, which provides IT security experts, law enforcement personnel, first responders, and other public sector personnel with an opportunity to enhance their information security skills.

State government institutions like the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and the Ohio Office of Information Technology all provide cybersecurity resources and services for businesses and individuals. These government websites provide tools such as risk assessment, cyber security awareness training, and security incident response plans. In addition, the state offers online credentialing programs such as the Ohio CISSP to certify individuals in the security industry. Further, the Ohio Cyber Range provides a live, virtual environment for security personnel and researchers to test and hone their cyber-defense skills.

The Ohio/Indiana Foreign Trade Zone provides a unique opportunity for businesses to mitigate risk as it pertains to international information exchange. Additionally, the Ohio National Guard Counterdrug Program provides innovative, action-driven initiatives to reduce and prevent illegal drug activities in the state.

In short, the State of Ohio acknowledges the importance of cyber security as a top priority and has dedicated cyber security resources and services geared toward protecting the networks, systems, and data of its businesses and residents. By taking advantage of the various programs and services offered by the State of Ohio, organizations and individuals alike can improve their cyber security stance.

Default Event ImageOhio Information Security Conference

Date: 13/03/2024
Location: Dayton, United States

The Ohio Information Security Conference 2024, which takes place on March 13, focuses on "Proactivity: Own Your Cyber Defense in 2024." The event intends to meet industry colleagues, strategize successfully with creative cybersecurity frameworks, and examine cutting-edge solutions. The conference is designed for CISOs, security analysts, threat hunters, and risk managers. It covers application security, technological breakthroughs, federal government insights, security awareness, compliance, threat intelligence, and organizational strategy. Keynote speakers include Helen Patton, Cisco's CISO, and Assistant US Attorneys Tim Mangan and Emily N. Glatfelter, who will discuss the impact of cybersecurity on national security and compliance with new legislation.

Default Event ImageIIoT World Energy Day 2024

Date: 14/03/2024
Location: Cleveland, United States

IIoT World Energy Day 2024, a virtual event on March 14, focused on deploying IIoT/AI technology in energy. It seeks to bring together a global audience to study creative real-world applications of IIoT/AI/digital twin in energy, as well as talks on energy cybersecurity. The event will include 60-minute live panels on digital twins, AI-enabled predictive analytics for grid resilience, industrial IoT for renewable energy integration, and GenAI data accuracy, security, and ethics methods. It offers a platform for real-world use cases, live debates, and virtual networking, with a focus on energy sustainability and resiliency.

Default Event ImageCybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summit (CDES) + TopGolf Columbus

Date: 21/11/2024
Location: Columbus, United States

The TopGolf Cybersecurity Defense Ecosystem Summit (CDES) is meant to help businesses prepare for cyber assaults and guarantee they are ready to take appropriate action in the event of a breach. The event mixes high-value education with entertainment, focusing on peer-to-peer networking and providing a unique blend of instructional content and social engagement. Attendees will learn how to establish stronger cybersecurity managed services in the morning through instruction from renowned speakers, followed by golf games, food, beverages, and networking in the afternoon. The summit's goal is to provide attendees with information and a community to help them stay ahead of cyber dangers all year long, while also providing a non-traditional, engaging approach to cybersecurity learning and networking.