Cybersecurity Conferences In Oklahoma, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity threats have become a major concern in the State of Oklahoma in recent years. Cybercrime and threats to IT systems pose a risk to both businesses and individuals in the state. As a result, many organizations and individuals have taken steps to increase their levels of cybersecurity protection.

The state of Oklahoma is home to a wide variety of organizations that focus on protecting IT systems from cyber-attacks. The Oklahoma Office of the Chief Information Officer provides education and training resources for both state and local employees on IT security topics. Additionally, both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University have research programs devoted to cybersecurity and digital forensics.

Cybersecurity events and conferences are also held throughout the year in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma City FBI has an annual conference focused on cybersecurity and digital forensics for both law enforcement and the private sector. The Oklahoma Regional Cyber Defenders Alliance holds regular cybersecurity workshops throughout the year across the state. Additionally, the Oklahoma City chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) also holds regular events focused on IT security.

In addition to conferences and workshops, Oklahoma also offers several cyber threat response teams. These teams are composed of experts who can assist in the event of a major cyberattack, as well as guide organizations throughout the state on how to protect their IT systems.

The State of Oklahoma is making efforts to combat cyber threats and protect IT systems. By providing educational resources, events, and response teams, the state is striving to create a secure IT environment for organizations and individuals across Oklahoma.