Cybersecurity Conferences In Pennsylvania, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity is a global concern and Pennsylvania is no exception.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a keystone state in the United States, leading the way in multiple areas including business, tourism, and technology. To stay on par with the rest of the nation on cybersecurity, the Pennsylvania government has taken a proactive approach. The Office of Administration’s Information Technology Division (ITD) and the Office of the Pennsylvania State Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) are jointly responsible for leading the state’s cybersecurity efforts.

One of the state’s primary aims is to raise cybersecurity awareness among its citizens. This is achieved by promoting cyber conferences, events, and initiatives throughout Pennsylvania. Cybersecurity conferences in Pennsylvania offer thought-leading presentations from security professionals who are highly knowledgeable about cyber threats. These conferences bring together key government personnel, IT personnel, security professionals, and members of the public for collaborative engagement regarding cyber threats and best practices around cybersecurity.

The Pennsylvania Cybersecurity Summit held in Harrisburg is one of the state’s largest annual cybersecurity events. The summit is typically held at the start of October, and you can check for updates on this page.

Attendees can learn from regional, national, and international speakers discussing cybersecurity policies, strategies, and opportunities for innovation. Likewise, the annually held Pennsylvania Cyber Women’s Conference has been empowering and supporting women in cybersecurity. The all-day conference promotes valuable workshops, panel discussions, and security challenges through networking and learning opportunities.

The Pennsylvania CyberSafety Alliance (PCSA) is another beneficial organization in the State of Pennsylvania. PCSA focuses on safety and preparedness in cyber-centric environments and helps ensure children are ready for the digital world. The organization raises awareness of the importance of personal security and safe use of the internet and social media.

With such focused efforts to increase cybersecurity awareness and propose practical approaches to combat cybercrime, the State of Pennsylvania is successfully defending against cyber-attacks. All residents and organizations within the state must participate in these ongoing initiatives if they want to guarantee secure IT systems.

Default Event ImageSecureWorld: Philadelphia 2024

Date: 17/04/2024
Location: Philadelphia, United States

SecureWorld Philadelphia, the region's premier cybersecurity conference, is scheduled for April 17-18, 2024, at the Valley Forge Casino Resort Event Centre. The 21st annual event will feature important presenters from many industries and provide two days of cybersecurity education. Attendees can earn 12-18 CPE credits, network with industry peers, and participate in over 30 educational activities, including four keynote speakers, industry expert panels, security vendors and solutions, and meeting local association officials. The conference strives to give best practices and solutions straight from the source, making it an excellent learning and networking opportunity for the local cybersecurity community.