BSides Philadelphia

 December 4th, 2020 
 Recommended Event

Highly recommended BSides event. Taking place in Drexel University, this particular Unconference (BSides) has been taking place since 2015 so the team knows a thing or two about putting events on.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (PHLAI)

 October 28th, 2020 - October 30th, 2020
 Recommended Event

If you’re interested in Machine Learning (AI) within an Information Security setting, which, frankly – is vital when it comes to future technology then this event jumps out. Taking place in Philly, this conference looks pretty awesome. Good luck to the organizers!

BSides Harrisburg

 August 20th, 2020 
 Recommended Event

If you live and work in Cyber Security in Harrisburg then you have NO excuse not to attend BSides Harrisburg. BSides events are probably our favorite events because they are the best of both worlds: great for professional career networking within Information Security whilst also learning about the latest and greatest hacking methodologies.

Cloud Native Revolution

 October 8th, 2019 - October 8th, 2019 Recommended Event

You will learn the Cloud-native technologies that are used to design, implement, deploy, secure, and operate software applications. The main emphasis of the event will be on the automatic integration of security and governance.

Digital Summit Philadelphia

 July 24th, 2019 - July 25th, 2019 Recommended Event

Digital Summit Series, produced by TechMedia are organized on 20 different US locations. Few of the reasons why we like this event is that they have over 60 marketing sessions & workshops, gain insights from the leading experts and have the opportunity to network with hundreds of marketers, strategists, designers, and more. Another cool thing is that we can have access to the presentations and recordings that we can use as reference in the future.

RiskSec Conference Presented by SC Media

 May 8th, 2019  Recommended Event

SC Media organized this event for CISOs and other security experts to help in educating them on the most recent issues they are facing. Have the chance to learn new approaches to security and discover the most recent technologies.