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Introduction to Access Control

Access Management is a vital component of data governance and cybersecurity.

It allows organizations to regulate who has access to their systems and data, ensuring that only authorized workers have access to critical information and resources.

Access management is used by organizations to track and audit user actions, prevent malicious activity, and respond rapidly to security problems.

This cybersecurity solution gives businesses visibility over user and system activity, allowing them to notice and respond to any deviations from normal operations.

Examples of Access Management Platforms

There are several main access management platforms from which enterprises can choose.

Microsoft’s Active Directory, for example, provides password management and single sign-on for Windows systems, whereas SailPoint IdentityIQ provides secure user access administration, policy management, and governance.

Privileged account access is safely managed by CyberArk Privileged Access Security, which is built for large companies.

Sensha Access and Okta Access are two suppliers that provide products to help enterprises regulate and manage user access. Sensha is an all-in-one solution for identity and access management, audit and compliance, and analytics.

Similarly, Okta Access allows you to easily limit user access to applications and data while also providing multi-factor authentication for further protection.

Summary of Popular Access Management Vendors

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • SailPoint IdentityIQ
  • CyberArk Privileged Access Security
  • Sensha Access
  • Okta Access

Access Management Certifications and Opportunities

The demand for qualified access management specialists is growing, with job opportunities available in a variety of industries.

Access management professionals are in charge of assuring the security of an organization’s data through auditing and access control.

As a result, a variety of certificates and qualifications are available to assist access management professionals in developing their skills and experience.

CompTIA Security+, for example, is a well-known certification that certifies professionals’ skills and understanding of system security. Similarly, the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification is well-regarded and indicates expertise in IT security management.

Events and Conferences

There are several conferences and events held across the world each year for people interested in learning more about Access Management and staying up to date with the latest industry advances.

The Secure Identity conference, for example, brings together 800+ senior executives from around the world to discuss access, authentication, and identity security, whilst the IEEE Access Security Summit allows access control and identity trust professionals to exchange ideas and best practices.

Furthermore, the Okta and ForgeRock Identity & Access Management Summit is an annual event held in the United States that aims to educate and connect those interested in identity and access management, including a technical deep dive into issues such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.


Access Management is an essential component of a company’s cybersecurity and data governance strategy.

With a variety of solutions available and a growing demand for access management professionals, organizations must focus on selecting the right platform and ensuring their personnel have the skills and qualifications required to not only manage access and security but also stay current on industry trends and developments.

Organizations may guarantee their access management is secure and compliant by attending industry conferences and other events and this helps to keep their data and assets safe and secure.

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