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14 August 2024

The Radical Future of Application and API Security Testing

The webinar "The Radical Future of Application and API Security Testing" by Larry Maccherone of Contrast Security discusses why security testing should shift to production environments. It covers the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of this approach, necessary technologies, practices, and mindsets, and addresses potential risks. The session aims to revolutionize current application security practices by applying DevOps principles.

26 July 2024

Eliminate Troubleshooting Headaches with Pipeline Explorer Map: Simplify Error Detection and Resolution

25 July 2024

Ransomware in H1 2024 – Dark Web Trends, Groups & Insights

25 July 2024

The Art of Cybersecurity Sales: Winning Strategies and Best Practices for Cyber ​​Security Services

25 July 2024

The Evolving Healthcare Threat Landscape - Insights from CISOs & Practitioners For Cyber Resilience

24 July 2024

From VPN to Zero Trust Access: How to Make the Switch

24 July 2024

10 Essential DNS Configuration Best Practices For Performance, Resilience, And Security

24 July 2024

Optimize Your ESM Workflows with Automation

24 July 2024

Online Webinar: The Future of Performance Engineering

24 July 2024

North, South, East, West: Navigating the Value of Microsegmentation in a Zero Trust Environment

24 July 2024

Create phishing-resistant users and accelerate your enterprise to passwordless

23 July 2024

Cloud and Self-Hosted CI/CD Performance

23 July 2024

Revolutionize Your Database Management with New Sangfor DMP

22 July 2024

JFrog and Qwak: Trusted MLOps pipelines, simplified

16 July 2024

The Cost of Forgotten Passwords

The webinar "The Cost of Forgotten Passwords" by Darren Siegel discusses the financial impact of password resets and the benefits of implementing self-service password reset solutions. It highlights data from 2023 showing average savings for organizations, and covers topics like the frequency of forgotten passwords, account unlocking, and help desk interactions, emphasizing enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs for IT professionals.

11 July 2024

Beyond Cloud Security Posture Management: Validating Cloud Effectiveness with Attack Simulation

04 July 2024

Expert Insights on Secure Software Development

The JFrog expert panel, featuring Troy Hunt and other security leaders, discusses strategies for securing the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC), including enhancing security without compromising on release speed, maintaining compliance, and adopting best practices like MLOps and AI-generated code. The panel aims to provide actionable insights to bolster software supply chain security.

04 July 2024

The Importance of Data Privacy and Protection in India

The webinar "The Importance of Data Privacy and Protection in India" by Barracuda Networks explores the implications of India's Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA). It covers the Act's purpose, affected entities, compliance requirements, steps for adherence, and how Barracuda's solutions can aid in compliance. The session includes a Q&A segment with expert Pranay Manek.

04 July 2024

Application Access GRC for SAP

03 July 2024

Frontline Stories: Real-World Active Directory Defense Tactics


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