IT Vendor Risk Management Solutions (Webinars)

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As enterprises rely more and more on outside IT vendors, fraudsters’ capacity to obtain access to an organization’s system grows. As a result, enterprises are looking for effective IT vendor risk management solutions to protect their data and systems.

Organizations must analyze IT providers in a variety of ways to determine the risk associated with them. This evaluation should involve a review of their previous performance, policies, methods, and contractual agreements, as well as technical systems and security records. After that, companies should assess the IT vendor’s business profile, risk management and controls, security policies, and IT security systems for compliance with their needs.

When it comes to IT vendor risk management solutions, organizations have numerous tools at their disposal. These tools typically revolve around process automation, whether through software programs or a combination of software and manual processes. Platform solutions from firms such as LogicManager, Datasec, SecurityMetrics, and Riskgenius are popular automated tools.

These solutions enable organizations with an automated assessment of IT vendor risks, vendor monitoring, tracking of required actions, and increased vendor-organization collaboration. They aid with the streamlining and automation of the risk management process, allowing enterprises to better monitor and manage their vendors.

Furthermore, specialized IT vendor risk management systems that focus on certain areas such as cyber security are available. These solutions offer cyber security assessments, information security programs, and other specialized services to help businesses identify and reduce cyber risks. Aspiredata, Arbor Networks, and Veracode are among the companies that specialize in delivering these services.

There are a variety of materials available to help firms understand the process and properly analyze their IT vendor risks, in addition to automated IT vendor risk management systems. To deepen their awareness and assess their present IT vendor risks, organizations can attend conferences such as the annual ASIS International Conference and Exposition, the 6th Annual Strategic IT Vendor Management Forum, and the 9th Annual Information Security & Risk Management Conference.

Organizations can pursue qualifications such as ISACA’s Certified IT Vendor Risk Manager (CVRM) in addition to attending conferences. The CVRM is intended to assist individuals in developing Vendor Risk Management abilities and demonstrating critical qualifications. It includes subjects such as vendor selection, due diligence, risk assessment, and monitoring. Many suppliers also offer training to help educate firms on correct vendor risk management methods and best practices.

Overall, IT vendor risk management solutions can assist organizations in ensuring the security of their data and systems during the IT vendor selection process and beyond. Automated risk management systems, specialized vendors, conferences, certifications, and training are all helpful tools that can help organizations understand their IT vendor risks and reduce possible dangers connected with third-party vendors.