Software Asset Management Managed Services (Webinars)

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Software Asset Management Managed Services

SAM Managed Services is a collection of security, compliance, and productivity solutions designed to keep enterprises secure from cyber threats. This service provides a comprehensive range of services, such as software licensing management, compliance monitoring, asset optimization, and others, that assist businesses and organizations in remaining compliant with best practices and regulatory requirements while being productive.

Organizations must make efforts to protect their data and guarantee compliance in today’s ever-changing, complicated cyber ecosystem. This is where SAM Managed Services can help. SAM Managed Services ensures that organizations’ data is secure and that their software licenses are in compliance with legislation. Furthermore, enterprises can use SAM Managed Services to optimize their software assets, assess their usage, and proactively monitor for future concerns.

Businesses that provide SAM solutions

SAM Managed Services are offered by several companies. IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Adobe are among the most well-known. All of these organizations have a strong track record of providing complete SAM solutions.

IBM provides software asset management services that include all areas of software management. Software licensing, software discovery and reporting, license optimization, asset governance, and license compliance are all covered. In addition, they offer client advisory and incident response services.

Oracle offers a full-service software asset management solution, including contract administration, contractual compliance, license entitlements, and asset lifecycle management. In addition, they offer software discovery and consumption analytics, as well as governance, risk, and compliance services.

Microsoft provides several services, including asset discovery and reporting, licensing management, license optimization, cloud migration, and others. They also offer governance, risk, and compliance services.

Adobe offers a comprehensive software asset management (SAM) suite for controlling the whole software lifecycle. This involves discovering software assets, managing entitlements, optimizing licenses, ensuring compliance, and more.

Educational Possibilities

Software Asset Management (SAM) is an essential component of any firm’s cybersecurity strategy, and there are numerous educational opportunities available to learn more about how SAM may help safeguard your organization.

Individuals interested in obtaining competence in software asset management and compliance can obtain certification from the International Association of Software Asset Management (IASAM). They provide certification at two levels: Advanced Certified Software Asset Manager (ACSAM) and Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM).

Organizations and individuals can attend conferences, workshops, and other events relevant to software asset management in addition to gaining certificates. The SAM Summit and the National Software Asset Management Conference are two of the most prominent software asset management conferences.


Software Asset Management Managed Services gives businesses the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to achieve compliance while keeping their data secure. Organizations can use SAM Managed Services to optimize their software assets, monitor for potential vulnerabilities, and secure their data from cyber threats. Organizations can also receive certification from the International Association of Software Asset Management and attend software asset management conferences and workshops.