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Software Asset Management (SAM) is a critical area of cybersecurity that assists firms in managing the numerous software assets they use to support their operations, such as licensing and other programs. SAM benefits include better licensing entitlement management, as well as increased data protection, cost control, and regulatory compliance. SAM tools give organizations the visibility they need to understand their assets, who owns them, how to optimize licenses, and what controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, or theft.

Tools for Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management Tools automate or facilitate the management of software assets, assisting organizations in ensuring that licenses are used optimally and securely, as well as compliance with software agreements and regulatory requirements. SAM technologies are intended to give businesses access and control over their software assets, as well as processes to optimize license consumption and security measures to ensure that assets are handled appropriately. Among the most popular SAM tools are:

  • Flexera Software Discovery & Analysis automates asset discovery across a wide range of platforms, and its Asset Optimizer tool assists organizations in optimizing license consumption and improving financial savings.
  • Aspera SmartTrack assists enterprises with automating the software asset management process, including license acquisition, compliance reporting, and utilization optimization. It is intended for both large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Snow Software offers a suite of tools for managing software assets at all levels of an organization, including asset-related data collection and organization, license management recommendations, and secure access to these assets.
  • Software Suite’s Black Duck Hub is intended to assist enterprises in managing their software assets, with a focus on security and compliance. It enables organizations to collect software asset inventory, track licenses, and usage, and protect their assets from threats.

Actions and Qualifications

There are numerous events and trainings for those interested in Software Asset Management Tools that can help organizations strengthen their SAM processes and stay up to date on the latest cyber threats. The SAM Summit, held annually, is the largest global SAM event, providing a platform for software asset management professionals to exchange best practices and hear from experts in the field. There are also local SAM-oriented user groups that meet to discuss SAM-related topics.

Some organizations may require a professional SAM qualification or certification in terms of qualifications. The International Association of Software Asset Managers, the ITAM (IT Asset Management) Forum, and the Association of Software Asset Managers all offer the Software Asset Management Professional (SAM) certification.


Software Asset Management Tools are critical for ensuring that organizations’ software assets are optimally utilized and securely managed. SAM Tools give organizations the visibility they need to fully understand their license entitlements, optimize software usage, and protect their assets from threats. There are numerous SAM Tools on the market, and many events and trainings, as well as certifications, for those whose area of expertise and focus revolves around SAM.