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Only 10% of professionals working in Cybersecurity are women. Things are changing, but slowly. We’re the community’s favorite InfoSec Conferences Directory and I’ve been managing the directory since 2013. Since I started doing this we’ve seen more “Women Cybersecurity Events” (virtual and physical) being promoted throughout the site which is excellent to see of course.

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Why Are There So Few Women Working In InfoSec?

That’s a great question.

And, the answer is, I am not sure! I don’t want this roundup to become an opinion-piece and discuss the politics behind it, rather I’d like for this list to be helpful for those seeking to attend (virtually or physical) security events aimed at women.

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Something I’m sure you’ll like about my list is the fact that several countries are included.

They include events in:

  • Germany
  • Canada
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom

A notable absence for my list of 2020 are female security events is the United Kingdom. As soon as I find a UK Women’s Cyber Event I’ll post it on this resource as well – as ever if you spot one please let me know by dropping a comment below.

Update! I did however find this for the United Kingdom: Ladies of London Hacking Society. They have chapters in London, Norwich, the North East, and Cheltenham.

When I made this “Best Women’s InfoSec Events” list I really just pulled-up the events within our directory that are directly categorized as being “Female-Specific” since we have a category called, “Women In Cybersecurity”.

There’s no doubt that the amount of female-specific events within Cyber Security will continue to rise.

Women In Cybersecurity Events, 2021

None yet!

When we have some to add we will place them right here. Do you have one to add? You can include it here for free.

Women In Cybersecurity Events, 2020

These are all the “Women In InfoSec Events” that we’ve flagged as being ones to look out for. Of course, like everything else in the world, the chances of physically being able to attend any of these events this year is unlikely. COVID-19 has laid waste to the conference industry which is a tremendous shame, but nonetheless, the drive to get more women into Cybersecurity continues unabated!

If you’d like to add an event please do so here.

Who Made The List For 2020?

Security Event for Women Conference 2020Country
Annual AWSN Women in Security AwardsAustralia
The Diana InitiativeUnited States
SANS Women in Cybersecurity: Action & AlliesUnited States
Africa Women In Cyber and Information Security (AWICIS)South Africa
Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) VirtualUnited States
Workshop for Women in Cybersecurity Research (CyberW)United States
Canadian Women in CybersecurityCanada
Konferenz Women in CybersecurityGermany
Women in Cloud SummitUnited States

The Diana Initiative

2020 Conference Date

August 21st, 2020
16 Days Until The Event
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

The Diana Initiative is a premier Women In Cyber Security event and one you should mark in your calendar especially if you enjoy going to Nevada where it takes place!

I interviewed co-founder and CEO Virginie Robbins and asked her a bunch of questions, so if you’re interested to learn more be sure to read that post.

The Diana Initiative is rammed full of excellent actionable content that includes:

  • 2 Speaking Tracks, both days
  • Career Village
  • Maker Village
  • Lockpicking Village
  • Capture The Flag

An all-ages and all skill levels are welcome and it should be mentioned that the conference lasts for two days. The 2020 event was pushed online as were most events due to COVID-19.

Annual AWSN Women in Security Awards

2020 Conference Date

August 24th, 2020
19 Days Until The Event
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

This event is taking place in Australia, and it’s a collaboration with CSO & AWSN (Australian Women in Security Network). CSO is for senior-management professionals so for those working in a CXO level then this would be ideal; I’m assuming that this event is aimed at female CXO security professionals.

If you’re female, in Australia, and work in Information Security, then clearly this is the event for you.

The event is a celebration of the advancement of Women in IT Security, the event, which I believe is a physical conference, will include awards, honors, and a wider discussion on the future.

SANS Women in Cybersecurity: Action & Allies

2020 Conference Date

July 30th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

We’ve worked with SANS since we first started this directory way back in 2013, and can certainly vouch for the depth and scope of their professional training. The focus on this event is Cyber Security training, and with the continued lack of skills in all IT Security niches, this would be an excellent event to participate. This event, wisely, will be virtual owing to the COVID-19 situation. SANS events have been going on for years so if you miss this one don’t worry there will be plenty more scheduled for 2020.

Infosecurity Europe

2020 Conference Date

June 2nd, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United Kingdom
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

The “Africa Women In Cyber and Information Security” is easily the largest Security Event for Women in Africa. With an impressive lineup of speakers, a ton of excellent sponsors, the team behind the event did an excellent job at making a wholesome event.

The organizers aimed the event at Cyber Resiliency Managers, Technology Security Managers, CXO-Level Security Professionals, Lead Architects, as well as Information Security Officers/Analysts/Interns – so pretty much every woman working within security. Highly recommended event and we hope that it takes place again next year.

Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) Virtual

2020 Conference Date

April 15th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

This organization has a clear focus on helping Women In Cybersecurity. My understanding is WiCyS (Women In Cybersecurity) place most of their emphasis on securing employment within the industry, something that clearly is of vital importance following the COVID-19 devastation.

Their next virtual InfoSec job fair, is this September.

Workshop for Women in Cybersecurity Research (CyberW)

2020 Conference Date

March 18th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

This workshop was pushed online. One aspect of this workshop that I thought was very positive is the encouragement of all participants to discuss their experiences. It is, after all, by sharing our experiences that we’re able to develop and grow. Be sure to check back on this event that takes places in New Orleans periodically to see what they’re up to. Needless to say if you’re in the South of the US then all the more reason to keep an eye open for future events.

Canadian Women in Cybersecurity

2020 Conference Date

March 10th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

This event is now over for 2020 and we hope to see them back next year.

Taking place in Canada, this cybersecurity workforce aims at educating and inspiring women to learn from the security leaders . The workshop packs a ton of value from career development talks to keynotes and they even include hacking demos. Sounds good to us.

Konferenz Women in Cybersecurity

2020 Conference Date

March 4th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

I don’t know too much about this event (sorry it’s in German) but I strongly encourage you to learn more by hitting the site of the folks that organized this workshop in 2020. Likely they will have another one (or other workshops for Women in Cybersecurity).

Women in Cloud Summit

2020 Conference Date

January 25th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United States
2020 Event Link (More Info)

Conference Summary

Whilst not strictly speaking a security event I’ve included it anyway because it is tech (Cloud Technology) and it is related to enhancing women’s role within the space. There is also an event planned for 2021 that I’ll post in the relevant year on this page.

In Summary

We will continue to edit this “Best Of Women In Security Events” throughout 2020.

The bottom line is this: dozens of research studies have shown that a diverse group of professionals is more creative, diligent, and effective than a homogeneous group, and the inclusion of women working within security clearly enhances this notion.

We need to continue to make efforts to broaden the participation from all underrepresented groups in cybersecurity, and attending and promoting conferences is one way to go about it. Please stay tuned and drop a comment below if you’d like to add to the discussion.

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