Cybersecurity Conferences in Oman, 2024 – 2045

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Oman is a country located in the western Middle East on the Arabian Peninsula, neighboring the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the region and is highly reliant on technology, communications, and the Internet in many industries. In light of this, Oman is becoming increasingly aware of the need for improved cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity Conferences in Oman are increasing in number as this country realizes the importance of protecting its digital assets. Some of the prominent Cybersecurity Conferences that have taken place in the past include the CISO Oman Conference, Secure Arabia Summit, Oman Information Security Forum, and the Oman Cybersecurity Summit. These events provide attendees with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the latest security trends and to discuss cyber threats faced by the industry. In addition, Oman has hosted the Gulf Information Security Expo since 2019, a large security-focused exhibition and conference designed to bring global technology and security experts together to share ideas and insights.

Cyber events in Oman take place regularly throughout the year. These events typically bring together cybersecurity professionals, IT professionals, and members of the public to discuss the latest security trends and techniques. Some popular cyber events in Oman include the Oman Cyber Security Conference (OCSC), the Oman IT Security Conference (OITS), and the International Conference on Cyber Security in Gulf Countries (CSCGC). These events are great opportunities for participants to learn from industry experts, understand the latest cyber trends, and explore potential cyber threats in the region.

In general, Cybersecurity in Oman has been a priority in recent years. Oman’s National Center for Information Security (NCIS) was established in 2011 to develop and implement cyber security strategies across public, private, and international sectors. The NCIS works closely with the Information Technology Authority (ITA), a government agency promoting and providing IT services in the country. Both the ITA and NCIS are dedicated to strengthening the security of the nation’s digital infrastructure and strive to stay up to date with the latest developments in global cybersecurity standards. Additionally, the Private Sector Integration Program (PSIP) has been launched to increase public-private collaboration in cyber security, encouraging companies in the private sector to comply with the government’s cyber security policies.

Default Event ImageRegional Cybersecurity Week 2024

Date: 03/11/2024
Location: Muscat, Oman

In collaboration with the ITU, the ITU-ARCC will conduct Regional Cybersecurity Week 2024 in Muscat, Oman. This event will feature numerous important gatherings, including the OIC-CERT board meeting, the 12th Arab Regional, OIC-CERT & CIS Cyber Drill, and the 12th Arab Cybersecurity Cooperation Team meeting. The 16th annual OIC-CERT conference will also take place, as will the FIRST Symposium for Arabs and Africa. Attendees can expect a week filled with insightful and collaborative conversations about cyber security. A must-see for professionals in the field.

Default Event ImageIDC CISO Roundtable: Oman 2024

Date: 07/05/2024
Location: Muscat, Oman

The IDC Security Roadshow is an annual event that brings together cybersecurity specialists to discuss the industry's newest trends, issues and solutions. The 2024 edition will concentrate on the unprecedented security landscape, with an emphasis on managing risks and leveraging new technological capabilities. This includes conducting ongoing risk assessments, preserving digital assets, and managing the rapid pace of innovation. Attendees may expect to learn from leading professionals in the area and receive helpful advice on how to remain ahead of the ever-changing cybersecurity scene. Don't pass up this opportunity to improve your skills and network with industry leaders at the IDC Security Roadshow.