Cybersecurity Conferences In Missouri, 2024 – 2025

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Cybersecurity is a major field of focus for the State of Missouri, with initiatives constantly being implemented to build a secure digital landscape.

The Governor’s Office of Cybersecurity works to protect the state’s digital infrastructures and assets from malicious cyber threats and attacks. Missouri also boasts a rich history of cybersecurity innovation in the private sector, with a long list of world-renowned security-focused companies based in the state.

Several annual conferences and events are held in Missouri to share best practices for protecting digital infrastructure against increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyber threats.

The Midwest Cyber Security Summit is a two-day event organized by the Missouri National Guard each year, bringing together experts, thought leaders, and security professionals from across the nation. The Women in Cybersecurity Conference is another annual event that educates and encourages female cybersecurity professionals to become effective members of the workforce. Finally, the Spring/Fall Business Cybersecurity Conference is an annual, day-long event that focuses on educating small business managers and infosec professionals on cybersecurity trends and best practices.

In addition, the University of Missouri’s Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity regularly hosts open hackathons and hack days, which bring together cybersecurity professionals, industry experts, and students to tackle important information security challenges. Further, Missouri’s Cybersecurity Conference held in May offers an opportunity for attendees to get insights into the latest threats, find out how they can secure their data, and network with other industry experts.

Finally, numerous organizations and associations are dedicated to supporting information security, computer security, and cybersecurity in Missouri. The Missouri Cyber Alliance and the Missouri Security Professionals Association both work to promote education and collaboration in the industry.

The St. Louis Information Security Group is a group of cybersecurity professionals from the greater St. Louis area that meets regularly to discuss industry topics of interest and collaborate on security projects.

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Missouri Chapter also holds monthly meetings to educate members on current trends in the field.

Default Event ImageShowMeCon 2024

Date: 13/05/2024
Location: St. Charles, United States

ShowMeCon, St. Louis' top cybersecurity conference, will return on May 13th and 14th, 2024, at the Ameristar Resort. After a break, ShowMeCon returns to provide world-class speakers, highly technical sessions, and the opportunity to reconnect with the St. Louis InfoSec community. ShowMeCon, founded in 2014 by Dave Chronister, has grown steadily by focusing on education, support, and community. The conference ensures that attendees receive relevant education, with speakers chosen based on their topic, level of knowledge, and relevancy. Previous speakers include John Matherly, Chris Tuncer, Raphael Mudge, and Jayson E. Street. ShowMeCon promotes privacy and does not gather personal information from attendees, creating a trusting environment between attendees and sponsors. The conference aims to promote the cybersecurity professional community by providing opportunities for networking and community development through a variety of activities and events.

Default Event ImageData Connectors Cybersecurity Conference St. Louis April 2024

Date: 25/04/2024
Location: St. Louis, United States

The St. Louis Cybersecurity Conference 2024, presented by Data Connectors, is a premier event for cybersecurity professionals to learn how to navigate the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. This conference, scheduled for 2024, will bring together industry professionals and leaders to share knowledge on developing cybersecurity problems and ideas for strengthening organizational defenses. Attendees will be able to network with colleagues and solution providers, participate in interactive conversations, and find personalized cybersecurity solutions. Admission grants access to educational seminars, keynote speakers, panel discussions, and a networking reception.

Default Event ImageDevOpsDays: Kansas City 2024

Date: 15/05/2024
Location: Kansas City, United States

DevOpsDays Kansas City 2024 is scheduled for May 15-16 at The Madrid Theatre. This event marks the return of DevOpsDays to Kansas City, providing a forum for learning and exchange among individuals working in development, operations, and related IT industries. The conference will address a variety of DevOps-related subjects, such as automation, testing, security, and corporate culture. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with a diverse group of stakeholders, including executives and senior technical leaders from Kansas City's best companies.