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Written by Henry Dalziel

“Spotlight” in a category in our directory in which we “shine a spotlight” on a security event anywhere around the world. We interview a founder or co-founder, or someone within the management team and asks them a bunch of questions.

How Do We Choose What Events To Interview?

Honestly, there’s no set criteria.

The only thing we look for is that it is different, supportive of the community, and is making as much effort as possible to push the Cybersecurity agenda as possible.

We also favor events that help folks to network for personal career gain so that’s always a bonus.

We have a bunch of events that we’d love to focus in on in [year] but for the moment, here are the personalities that I’ve interviewed so far.

An interesting observation I’ve made from interviewing these conference organizers is that they all seem to feel that the future of events will likely be a blended approach, i.e. a combination of virtual as well as physical events and I tend to agree. When we feel, truly, that we have a vaccine for COVID-19, as well as declining infection rates then yes, the resurgence of “in-person” events will resume.

Until the above is solved we will continue to likely see the continued growth of online InfoSec virtual events.

BSides Security Events

I catch up with legendary Jack Daniel to ask him a bunch of questions about the global BSides franchise. Learn more!


This premier Indian Cybersecurity Event, held every year in sunny Goa is one of India’s premier security events. In this piece, I interview Aseem Jakhar, Co-Founder of nullcon. Go check it out here.


THOTCON is an iconic security event that takes place in a secret location in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

There are a bunch of THOTCON founders, and I was fortunate enough to get hold of Nicholas Percoco to ask him a bunch of questions regarding this amazing event. Learn more here.


NorthSec is one of the best Cybersecurity Conferences taking place in Canada, in fact, Montreal to be exact. Taking place every year, this conference packs in a ton of goodness including a 48 Hour CTF – yup, you read right. I caught up with Gabriel Tremblay to learn more. Go check it out here.


When you think about the most iconic European Hacker Conferences you can pretty much always include TROOPERS within any list. I’ve wanted to interview someone from TROOPERS for a while now and I was able to get hold of Niki Vonderwell, one of the TROOPERS organizers.

Taking place in Germany, Heidelberg to be exact, this is a “must-attend” for any serious Cybersecurity Practioner living and working in the DACH region. Go see my interview with Nikki here.


Without a doubt, HACKLU (or is Luxembourg’s #1 Hacker Conference and has been so since 2005 when it first started! Like NorthSec (listed above) it also has a mega CTF.

I had the privilege of having my questions answered by founder Alexandre Dulaunoy. You can read his answers here.


REVULN events are an invitation-only (Free) set of events that take place at various cities in Europe and Asia. I asked Luigi Auriemma and a bunch of questions which you can read about here.


Suits and Spooks events are awesome. They’ve always got great speakers and depth of quality content.

Founder Jeffrey Carr kindly answered my questions which you can read about here.

The Diana Initiative

This “Women in Cybersecurity” event is fast-evolving into the event promoting women’s much-needed contribution to Information Security. I catch up with co-founder Virginia Robbins to ask her my questions. Learn more and be inspired!


ISSA is an excellent InfoSec Professional membership to join and if you’re aren’t already a member then you might want to consider joining. I catch up with the LA Chapter organizer and founder Richard Greenberg to ask my questions.

You can see the replies here.

World RPA & AI Summit

This AI Summit is part of a series of events organized by Luxatia International.

These conferences (this one addresses Artificial Intelligence) is are a fantastic opportunity to network with industry leaders and discuss strategies like introducing automation and cognitive technologies to drive your business forward.

I caught up with Ashley Pena to ask her a bunch of questions relating to this conference.

The State of AI in Cybersecurity

Ai4, like Luxatia International, put on a bunch of excellent conferences and events every year; most of which are associated with Information Security.

I caught up with Jessica Gallagher to ask her a bunch of questions relating to this conference.

AWSN Women in Security Awards

This is another fantastic Women In Cybersecurity conference that we’d hihgly recommend. This one focuses on women in tech in Australia.

We caught up with Abigail Swabey, one of the key personalities behind the event, to ask her a bunch of questions relating to this conference.

Get Involved?

Are you a Conference Organizer? Want to get involved? Then drop me a line and let’s chat. You an either contact me via the site or LinkedIn if you prefer and don’t forget to submit any events which are free to do so.

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