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First Published: , by Henry Dalziel
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I’m seeing more events promoting “Women In Cybersecurity” which is a positive signal especially when you realize that women comprise roughly 10% of the cybersecurity workforce.

As part of our “Spotlight Series” whereby we interview leading figures within the InfoSec Conference community and ask them a bunch of questions about their event, it’s an honor to be able to catch up with Virginia Robbins, CEO, and co-founder of The Diana Initiative.

The Diana Initiative is a computer security conference based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the home of all major InfoSec events. This conference is squarely aimed at supporting women in cybersecurity, and the event was scheduled to be held at the Westin Las Vegas during DEF CON.

However! Don’t despair, the intrepid team at The Diana Initiative have transitioned the event to being a virtual security event.

Event Details

The Diana Initiative
August 21st, 2020
This Event is Now Over
United States
Women In Cybersecurity

Review of the event within our directory:

Pretty awesome event and we’re seeing more and more women-focused Cybersecurity Conferences take place in 2020 and we couldn’t be happier to promote them as much as we can. Absolutely one to attend – interestingly it’s taking place in Nevada during the height of the other famous Hacker Conferences like DEF CON and Black Hat.

Here’s the interview:

What’s The “Best Thing” About The Diana Initiative?

This year theme is “Breaking Boundaries – Byte by Byte

Featuring fan favorites from past events with a new twist:

  • 2 Speaking Tracks, both days
    Streaming right to your device, watch and interact from the comfort of home. Chat will be available for asking questions. Interested in presenting? Our CFP is open
  • Career Village
    Meet and speak with representatives from companies that are looking to hire, get tips on how to improve your resume, and practice interviews.
  • Maker Village
    Hey #BadgeLife: We’ll be building DIY Blinky Badges – so you can get your components early. There may also be some other maker-related presentations.
  • Lockpicking Village
    Lockpick Extreme is back with an Intro to Lock Picking workshop – separate registration will be required.
  • Capture The Flag
    An all-ages and all skill levels event spanning both days. Beginners Workshop will be presented before the start of the competition.

[You can see more info here]

How Would You Like To See Your Event(s) Evolve?

We would like in future years to expand to other areas and deliver Diana Initiative track and village to other events as well.

What Do You Look For In Speakers And Their Presentations?

We look for the following points when receiving CFP Submissions:

  • Can the reader clearly tell who the audience is?
  • What will the reader and audience learn?
  • What are the points the speaker is stressing for the audience to be able to take home?
  • The abstract should be compelling and informative for the audience. A speaker abstract acts as the marketing pitch to the audience and the CFP team.
  • It helps if a speaker provides an outline for CFP reviewers to potentially consider. Outlines can show the work the speaker has put in to be able to tell a cohesive story with a good flow. They also can show the objectives mentioned in the abstract will be covered.
  • Detail any demos or references the speaker intends to provide to the audience in the submission.

For more details on the CFP and a FAQ, [hit this link]

Anything Else You’d Like To Share?

Our CFP is now open!

Share your passion, knowledge and perspective with us, now is the time, fill your submission here.

What’s Your Prediction for 2021 In A Post-Covid-19 World? Will Virtual Events Take Over Or Will We See A Return To The “Traditional Physical Events” Format?

I think we might see a lot more virtual events. Additionally, traditional physical events will probably have more virtual components to accommodate participants that might not want to attend the physical aspect but still want to be involved and connect.

In Summary

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Virginia for agreeing to answer my questions above and we wish The Diana Initiative the best of luck in 2021 and beyond!

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