World RPA & AI Summit | Interview with Ashley Pena

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First Published: , by Henry Dalziel
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We’re big fans of all types of Cybersecurity and AI Conferences.

Artificial Intelligence is an industry that will, without question, continue to

With that in mind, I’m delighted to have been able to catch up with Ashley Pena. Ashley is involved with the World RPA & AI Summit; a leading AI event.

Event Details

Annual World RPA & AI Summit
October 15th, 2020
This Event is Now Over
Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Security, Privacy, and Risk

Review of the event within our directory:

I’m sure AI Professionals living in Barcelona will be delirious to get out and about and put the (terrible) past behind them (following Coronavirus) and get stuck into this amazing event. Being organized by Luxatia International, these folks put on a great show and if you’re involved with working in AI in Spain then this is an event that will almost certainly be of interest. Good luck to the organizers and thank you for thinking of us when it came to submitting your event to our InfoSec directory.

Here’s the interview:

What’s The “Best Thing” About Your Event(s)?

There are so many things that our events great: engaging speakers from global brands, interactive sessions, and tons of networking opportunities. I guess the thing I really love seeing during an event is various industries coming together to share challenges and opportunities.

How Would You Like To See Your Event(s) Evolve?

Right now our attendees come from the primary business hubs around Europe. We’d love to see more business professionals from smaller areas around the EU and other nations.

What Do You Look For In Speakers And Their Presentations?

We always try to have the most diverse speaker panel possible in terms of race, gender, industry, and beyond. Aside from that, we look for speakers with insightful case studies, projects utilizing new technologies, and engaging topics. We really want the presentations to be interactive and draw the audience in. We love the sessions where our attendees can do some hands-on problem-solving.

Anything Else You’d Like To Share?

Beyond the insights and knowledge you will gain from our events, we’ve also seen valuable business relationships form out of connections made during our networking opportunities. That is what Luxatia International is all about – accelerating growth across industries and across the globe by bringing together world-leading experts who provide cutting-edge information to business authorities.