Kapstone is a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions and offering end-to-end security consulting, implementation, and training services. Kapstone has developed a comprehensive cybersecurity toolkit based on their prior decades of experience implementing CJIS 5.x, HIPAA, NIST 800-53 driven cybersecurity Program. Kapstone assists you understand regulatory mandates, Operational requirements, and best practices, assess your actual … Read more


AttackFlow is a new way of secure coding. Integrated into Visual Studio, it enables developers to find critical security bugs in the source code without any prior knowledge. The finding notifications, explanations, and references are detailed enough for a developer to go after fixing the bugs. If the fix is good, there’s no need to … Read more

Practical DevSecOps Training Company

Practical DevSecOps provides world-class, practical, and hands-on DevSecOps training and certification programs. Their state-of-the-art online lab ensures our students learn the course’s practical aspects and showcase their knowledge to employers and colleagues with world-renowned Certificates. The folks at Practical DevSecOps have trained professionals from leading Cybersecurity Companies like AWS, Microsoft, Github, E&Y, PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, … Read more

Cavirin Systems

Cavirin protects your digital assets across the enterprise hybrid cloud by delivering CyberPosture Intelligence. This cybersecurity company permits enterprises to maintain their ‘golden security posture’ via continuous visibility, automated scoring against the widest set of industry best practices, regulations, and benchmarks, and remediation leveraging predictive analytics and by integrating security into the DevOps cycle.


The Meterian Platform is a fuss-free and instant solution to safeguard you against vulnerabilities in your app’s software supply chain. The supply chain of open source components underpins the cornerstone that speeds up innovation. With only 10% of proprietary software code written by developers who are stretched for time, they leverage the speed and convenience … Read more


As a collective of highly technical engineers and developers offering deep security expertise, Praetorian solves the toughest challenges faced by today’s leading organizations across an ever-evolving digital threat landscape. This Cybersecurity company’s solutions enable clients to find, fix, stop and ultimately solve cybersecurity problems across their entire enterprise and product portfolios. As trusted advisors, Praetorian … Read more


ARMO offers total security for in-house workloads and data. This Cybersecurity company’s patent-pending technology prevents breaches and protects against security overhead regardless of your environment – cloud-native, hybrid, or legacy. What makes them different? By their own admission, their solution is simple to deploy, it’s frictionless, and brings a superior performance that – unlike competitors … Read more


Abira is a market-leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Abira was founded to address actual market challenges and secure organizations of all sizes across industries and locations. Abira combines its portfolio of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, security analytics, human capabilities, and real-world proven expertise in cybersecurity strategy to assist clients achieve their business outcomes and gain … Read more


The world’s first moving target data protection platform. CryptoMove Tholos is a key vault and secrets management product for DevOps security that protects API keys, configs, and other app secrets with decentralization and moving target defense as a service. Moving target defense is a security paradigm shift. Globally patented. Years of stealth R&D. Cloud-native. Team … Read more


PortSwigger is a global leader in the creation of software tools for the security testing of web applications. For over a decade, they have worked at the cutting edge of the web security industry, and their software is well established as the de facto standard toolkit used by web security professionals. The team behind Burp … Read more