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BSides Security Events (Hacker Events In Your City)

Out of all of the security events that we list on our site – you can search them here – BSides is one of the more popular franchise events that folk search for.

Each BSides is a peer framework for creating events for and by members of the information security field.

The idea is to broaden the scope of discussion beyond the usual boundaries of space and time. It provides an opportunity for people to both presents and engages in a small group setting that stimulates cooperation. It is a fast-paced program involving discussions, demonstrations, and participant involvement. It is the location of the next-big-thing discussions.

With a focus on hands-on workshops, demos, and engagement, BSides is a combination of invited presentations and community-driven material. The purpose of BSides is to bring together people who are enthusiastic about security and learn from one another.

Security BSides (often abbreviated as BSides) is a loosely associated series of information security conferences. Mike Dahn, Jack Daniel, and Chris Nickerson co-founded it in 2009. Because there were so many presentation submissions at Black Hat USA in 2009, the rejected presentations were delivered to a smaller group of people. The conference structure grew over time and was provided to allow anyone to organize their own BSides gatherings.

Structured, unconference, and hybrid events are the three types of events. A Structured event follows the typical conference paradigm and is frequently held in conjunction with major conferences such as Black Hat, RSA, and others. Attendees usually mix and attend one or more events. Prior to the commencement of the conference, talks are submitted to the local event, selected, and scheduled. The Unconference event format is entirely decided by the attendees. Attendees arrive at a fixed time, debate ideas, and cooperatively agree on the plan for that day. The talks that receive the greatest attention and discussion are added to the program.

Most BSides events are two-day yearly discussions with debates (in a conference format) for hackers, security engineers, and their associates. The organizers put on a conference that is a source of education, cooperation, and ongoing discourse for information technologists and people in the sector. Technical and academic presentations are delivered in the spirit of peer review and increased knowledge sharing.

This enables the area of information security to broaden and deepen its scope, as well as continue its quest for highly sophisticated scientifically based knowledge.

Rather of spending a fortune to hear a person in a suit try to sell you something, you can pay a few dollars to hear genuine programmers and hackers discuss the unfiltered side of Cybersecurity.

Rather than attempting to come up with questions that would reveal the seller as a phony, you may engage in engaging conversations with people who have acquired entry to high-security facilities.

This isn’t the complete list of all BSides security events – instead, we list the events that are submitted to us.

BSides Prishtina 2022

BSides Prishtina 2022 will be the very first BSides security conference to be held in the country of Kosovo. The live event will take place at the University of Prishtina, which is located in the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina.

Over the last several years, the number of information technology students and professionals in Kosovo has consistently increased, with noteworthy growth in information security students and professionals. It was felt that it was time to create a larger community event to bring together and develop the talent that had been gathered via various local Information Security meetups over the previous three years. With the BSides security conference model, we want to take the next step in developing and promoting the expanding information security community in Kosovo and the Western Balkans.

BSides Orlando

On June 4, 2022, BSides Orlando will throw a major tournament to commemorate these Unprecedented Times. Please join them! Prepare for the event by participating in tough training sessions led by well-known and knowledgeable oracles, which will take place on June 3, 2022.

The festival will bring together security champions, strange visionaries, famous scholars, rich donors, and loud spectators for a grand celebration of daring adventures and fascinating shows.

BSides Fort Wayne 2022

The purpose of the one-day conference known as BSidesFortWayne is to enjoy, learn from, and celebrate the growing information security community in the Fort Wayne area. Among its many features are:

Speaker track, in which knowledgeable individuals will impart their insight to the audience.

  • A workshop on Atomic Red Team
  • A “Capture The Flag” event with prizes for the top teams
  • An exhibitor hall for our event sponsors
  • Conference swag
  • A chance to network with your peers in the community
  • Lunch will be catered in and included in the ticket cost

BSides St. Louis 2022

The goal of this B-side is to provide a starting point for eager techies looking to get into the security industry. The event planners have been to Big Cons, Little Cons, and everything in between. Every convention provides something special to the attendees: community. STL has a thriving local security community. They want to keep developing that network by hosting a free event where those who are interested may meet those who are connected.

This is a conference with local speakers and hackers demonstrating their favorite technology and discussing how they got engaged in the larger security community. Tickets are $10 for the whole day, which includes lunch and entry to the after-party.

Bring your notebooks, pass out business cards, and mingle with other techies over a few drinks!

BSides Calgary 2022

The BSides Calgary foundation is a philanthropic organization with the mission of advancing cybersecurity and fostering networking opportunities for individuals working in the field in Calgary and all of Alberta – in Canada. BSides Calgary is an event of the highest class that brings together members of the tech sector, including hackers, developers, students, and information security experts. Information security, privacy, and technology will be topics that will be shared, discussed, and learned about by attendees at BSides Calgary seminars.

BSides Montreal 2022

The BSides conference is the great equalizer. BSides makes it possible for anybody – novices and veterans alike – to contribute their voice to the collective debate by keeping conferences inexpensive and local and encouraging speeches that may not fit into the mainstream. Everyone is invited to come to learn, teach, and share their interests, and we will all be better off as a result. BSides Montreal is a small and secure conference where we may have private chats and presentations that will not be broadcast or shared publicly. All you have to do is show up.

BSides Security Events (Hacker Events In Your City) Events in 2022 - 2023

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BSides Tampa 2022
United States | Florida, Tampa
March 5, 2022

BSides Dublin 2022
Ireland | Dublin
March 19, 2022

BSides Charm 2022
United States | Maryland, Baltimore
April 30, 2022

BSides Oslo 2022
Norway | Oslo
May 25, 2022

BSides Athens 2022
Greece | Athens
June 25, 2022

BSides Iowa 2022
United States | Iowa, Des Moines
April 23, 2022

BSides Munich 2022
Germany | Munich
January 25, 2022

BSides Rochester 2022
United States | New York, Rochester
January 25, 2022

BSides Knoxville 2022
United States | Tennessee, Knoxville
January 28, 2022

BSides San Francisco 2022
United States | California, San Francisco
February 1, 2022

BSides Panama 2022
Panama | Panama City
February 1, 2022

BSides Seattle 2022
United States | Washington, Seattle
February 1, 2022

BSides Nashville 2022
United States | Tennessee, Nashville
February 1, 2022

BSides Oklahoma 2022
United States | Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
April 8, 2022

BSides Cayman Islands 2022
Cayman Islands | Grand Cayman
February 1, 2022

BSides Fort Wayne 2022
United States | Indiana, Fort Wayne
May 21, 2022

BSides Buffalo 2022
United States | New York, Buffalo
June 4, 2022

BSides Huntsville 2022
United States | Tennessee, Huntsville
March 4, 2022

BSides Tirana 2022
Albania | Tirana
May 21, 2022

BSides San Antonio 2022
United States | Texas, San Antonio
June 18, 2022

BSides Sofia
Bulgaria | Sofia
April 15, 2022

BSides Prishtina 2022
Kosovo | Prishtina
April 30, 2022

BSides Dundee 2022
United Kingdom | Dundee
August 6, 2022

BSides Singapore
Singapore | Singapore (City)
September 22, 2022

Security BSides Orlando
United States | Florida, Orlando
June 4, 2022
Recommended Event

BSides Fort Wayne 2022
United States | Indiana, Fort Wayne
May 21, 2022

BSides St. Louis 2022
United States | Missouri, St Louis
October 8, 2022

BSides Calgary 2022
Canada | Calgary
October 20, 2022

BSides Montreal 2022
Canada | Montreal
September 10, 2022

BSides Augusta 2022
United States | Georgia, Augusta
October 1, 2022

BSides Brisbane 2022
Australia | Brisbane
July 16, 2022

BSides Kraków 2022
Poland | Krakow
September 24, 2022

BSides Cairo 2022
Egypt | Cairo
June 24, 2022


What Will You Learn From this Interview?

  • You’ll learn about Jack Daniel! Jack is a highly respected veteran in the Cybersecurity Community;
  • You’ll learn why BSides is awesome and why you must get involved…

What Is BSides?

For those that don’t know, ‘Security BSides are ‘hacker conventions’ that provides a community-driven framework for information security conferences around the world. You can think of BSides as being an event organized by, and participated by, the community for the community.

Co-founded by Mike Dahn, Jack Daniel, and Chris Nickerson in 2009. The original concept came about following Black Hat 2009 when a large number of presentations (Call For Papers) that were rejected were delivered to a smaller group of individuals. Over time this concept of providing the community with a platform begun to spread – and has since gone global!

The Interview With Jack Daniel

Am I correct in thinking that naming the events ‘BSides’ was a reference to the music industry in that when we bought a vinyl record or a cassette (pre-mp3) the ‘B Side’ was always the alternative mix? Or am I completely wrong!
You are correct, the name came from the “B Side” of 45rpm singles and various BSides events have used images of records and tapes to show the link.

Did you and your other co-founders think that BSides would have grown so fast and to so many countries?
We weren’t sure we would do anything other than the first one.

One of the founders, Mike Dahn, had been talking about a new style of event for security, but none of us thought the first one was more than an experiment.

We certainly didn’t expect the rapid expansion and global reach that BSides has gained.

How would you like to see BSides evolve?
I would like to see BSides continue to grow and expand in under-served communities.

The big events are great gathering places for our communities, but the smaller regional events often have a significant impact for people and communities which never get a real community-focused event.

One of the greatest strengths of BSides is that it is highly decentralized and locally organized, so like the events themselves BSides will evolve as the communities and organizers want.

I see that you’re a co-presenter on a very awesome show on YouTube Show with Paul Asadoorian called Security Weekly. Aside from that, what’s the best way for people to follow you? Is Twitter the best? (@jack_daniel)
Yes, Twitter is probably best, @jack_daniel.

And, lastly, can you give a tip to our community with regards to speaking at a BSides event, in other words, what makes a ‘good talk’ rather than just an ‘average one’.
Relax, practice, and plan to engage and interact with the audience. BSides don’t have attendees, we have participants, everyone is encouraged to join the conversations.

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