Top Ten Cybersecurity Conferences for 2017: DEF CON, ToorCon, SchmooCon, CCC and more!

Summary: In this blog post we will list our Top Ten ‘Must Go To’ Cybersecurity Conferences 5 minute read
Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
Category: General Cybersecurity Conferences News + Tips

What’s This Post All About?

We’ve been involved in the cybersecurity conference space for a long time – well, to be exact, since 2012 which is a very very very long time in the tech-world (especially within cybersecurity). Anyways – we list a ton of Information Security conferences (list is here) and this post is really just a reflection of the events that we (and you) think should merit being in our ‘Top Ten’ list!

Update! The list has grown to over ten. It was really quite a challenge to narrow it down to just ten hence why its grown. If you’d like to add a new event to this post please drop a comment below.

Please note that although this post started life as a ‘Top Ten’ we are absolutely open to growing this to a ‘Top 20’ so please drop a suggestion in either the comments below, or to formally list your event on our main directory just complete this form.

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DEF CON ShmooCon ToorCon
Black Hat TROOPERS Nuit du Hack
Security BSides Events (Global) Chaos Communication Congress nullcon

Wait – Does Anyone Care? Yes…You Do!

Well…you should care! If you live and work in Cybersecurity then attending conferences, seminars etc is a mega thing to do for your career and self-learning.

Is This List “Cast In Stone”

Absolutely not!

We implore you to suggest InfoSec events for this page. If you have a general hacking conference or event to add then we’d suggest just adding that to our main list.

So, moving on – let’s take a look at our “Top Ten Recommended Cybersecurity Conferences of 2017 and beyond!


We start our list with the behemoth of all Cybersecurity Conferences: DEF CON.

Started by the legend that is Dark Tangent (Jeff Moss) DEF CON (spelt like that, i..e two separate words) is, really, the world”s best known “hacker convention” or “hacker conference.” DEF CON is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and the first DEF CON took place in June 1993 so it’s also one of the oldest (and therefore original) cybersecurity meetings. In fact, we’d really encourage you to watch the DEF CON documentary linked below this section; it really is a fascinating insight into how this iconic cyber conference came into being.

Of interest, DEF CON, is a play on the military “readiness condition” which is abbreviated to “DEFCON” (Defense Condition). The cybersecurity grade within the military DEFCON (note how the military only use one word) is actually referred to as Information Operations Condition (INFOCON), which is soon to be replaced by Cyber Operations Condition (CYBERCON).

“DEF CON” as a title for the event also plays nicely with the “Con” in “Conference”. Furthermore, a lot of the early members of the DEF CON group were phone phreakers and they liked that “DEF” also represents “3” on the North American Classic Key Pad.

[An Awesome DEF CON Documentary: 1 Hour 50 Mins]

2017-07-27 09:00:00
2017-07-30 17:00:00
DEF CON Hacking Conference
Las Vegas

July 27-30, 2017, Las Vegas, United States

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Reasons To Get Yourself To DEF CON:

1. It’s a kick-ass event with awesome personalities.

Sure, over time it might have become slightly more corporate(ish) and journalists and FEDS are all over it, but it still attracts some of the world’s best cyber security researchers and hackers with interests in software, computer architecture, hardware modification, and anything else that can be “cracked or hacked.” Folk that attend DEF CON are by their nature very friendly, approachable and a lot of fun to be around.

2. If you are a “hacker” (in the curious-minded way) then DEF CON will not disappoint.

There”s a ton of things you can do. There are several learning tracks that are always populated with excellent speakers, and for the hacking-related stuff there are, for example, Wi-Fi Cracking stations, lock picking, drone-related hacking and Capture the Flag contests.

3. It’s extremely social.

There are live music shows at night (and our favorite SOMA FM played there a few DEF CON’s ago). For making friends, hanging out whilst learning security stuff (and how to break it) then this is the conference for you. Oh, and if you like shooting guns in the desert then that”s another reason to go, if you are not sure what I”m referring to watch the video in the link below, it’s pretty damn cool.

4. It’s basically the capital for cyber-culture

That”s right. If you are at all into cyber culture and everything that goes with it, then clearly this is a conference for you.

Official Site:

DEF CON Website

Related Media:

DEF CON – The Full Documentary [1 Hour 50 Minutes Long]
Other Hacking Documentaries

Interesting facts about DEF CON: Where did the name come from?

The short answer is a combination of places! According to Jeff Moss:

“There was a SummerCon in the summer, a HoHoCon in the winter, a PumpCon during Halloween, etc. I didn’t want any association with a time of year. If you are a Phreak, or just use your phone a lot you’ll notes “DEF” is #3 on the phone. If you are into military lingo DEF CON is short for “Defense Condition.” Now being a fan of the movie War Games I took note that the main character, David Lightman, lived in Seattle, as I do, and chose to nuke Las Vegas with W.O.P.R. when given the chance. Well I knew I was doing a con in Vegas, so it all just sort of worked out.”

Conference Website Get DEF CON Conference Alerts

#2 ShmooCon

ShmooCon is an extremely popular “puritan” hacker conference. Founded in the late 1990″s by the Shmoo Group this is a “must attend” if you are interested in meeting some of the brightest minds in the cybersecurity space. For those that don”t know, the Shmoo Group are behind projects such as Linux Apache (yes the rather popular HTTP server!), PGP, OpenSSL and Snort! This event sells out every year and for a good resource: a lot of (serious) IT Security folk wanna go.

[Cool Little Video From The Awesome Hak5 Crew At ShmooCon]

2017-01-13 09:00:00
2017-01-15 17:00:00
ShmooCon 2017
ShmooCon Hacking Conference
Washington, DC
The Shmoo Group

January 13-15, 2017, Washington, DC, United States

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Reasons To Get Yourself To ShmooCon:

1. It’s rammed full of amazing hacking content.

This year”s event had 40 different talks and presentations on a variety of IT Security subjects spanning cryptography, computer security through to specific ShellCode, as well as there being unique schmoocon events such as Shmooganography.

2. it’s affordable!

Ticket prices are just $150 per person which is much cheaper when compared to other events. DEF CON is around $250 for example. Also, the organizers restrict the capacity of the event making the event feel a lot more manageable and not overwhelming.

3. Carefully selected speakers and talks.

What makes SchmooCo so popular is the quality of talks. A lot of emphasis is placed on sourcing speakers and subjects that have not been presented at other conferences.

Official Site:

ShmooCon Website

Related Media:

SchmooCon Presentations – A lot of previous presentations are located here

Interesting facts about ShmooCon: Where did the name come from?

ShmooCon is an American hacker convention organized by The Shmoo Group. There are typically 40 different talks and presentations on a variety of subjects related to computer security and cyberculture. Multiple events are held at the convention related to cryptography and computer security such as Shmooganography, Hack Fortress, and Ghost in the Shellcode.

Conference Website Get ShmooCon Conference Alerts

#3 ToorCon

ToorCon (a play on the word “Root” in the computing sense) is another West Coast US event, which is considered as being pretty left-field. Having started in 1999 (in San Diego, CA) this hacker conference is named after the San Diego 2600 user group. ToorCon also organizes events in Seattle however I”m not too sure if they are still doing them there (please let us know in the comments below if they are still running them in Washington State!).

ToorCon do things somewhat differently. They organize camps and even world tours! ToorCon immediately differentiated itself by holding events in awesome venues; for example, ToorCamp in 2009 was held in an Eastern Washington abandoned missile silo, and their WorldToor 2013 was held in Antarctica on a cruise ship. Toorcamp is modeled after European hacker camps.

2017-08-28 09:00:00
2017-09-03 17:00:00
ToorCon Hacking Conference
San Diego

August 28-September 3, 2017, San Diego, California, United States

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Reasons To Get Yourself To ToorCon:

1. If you like it intimate then this is the one to go to.

ToorCon has a reputation as being well “thought-out” by bringing 400 people (maximum) annually with hands-on talks and demonstrations. They bring speakers and personalities together such as Joe Grand (whom we had on Hacker Hotshots) and Darren Kitchen from Hak5.

2. ToorCon is a great place to start your career in cybersecurity.

We”d recommend the ToorCamp as an ideal stomping ground to get to know others in the community. Having ToorCamp on your CV will generate some buzz and a “one of us” fuzzy feeling if you meet the right interviewer.

Official Site:


Related Media:

ToorCamp 2012 Video [YouTube 6 mins long; bit old but worth watching]

Interesting facts about ToorCon

ToorCon is San Diego’s exclusive hacker conference that traditionally takes place in late September. Started originally by the San Diego 2600 user group, ToorCon was founded in 1999 by Ben Greenberg and David Hulton (h1kari). ToorCon attracts many of the top leaders in the computer security community and has been known for its small-conference atmosphere, bringing together around 400 attendees annually. Along with two parallel tracks that run over the course of ToorCon weekend, there are also vendor tables and games. Usually featuring at least one book publisher such as Syngress or No Starch Press, a hardware vendor, and a T-shirt printer. Capture the Flag is one of the recurring games over the weekend.

Conference Website Get ToorCon Conference Alerts


The Open Web Application Security Project (simply abbreviated to OWASP) is a not-for-profit charitable organization that was created to improve the security of software. Their mission is to: “make software security visible, so that individuals and organizations worldwide can make informed decisions about true software security risks”.

There is one main OWASP Conference which takes place in San Francisco, USA, and a bunch of other OWASP events that include:

  • OWASP Dublin Training Security Boot Camp – Dublin, Ireland
  • OWASP EEE, Austria, Armenia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Russia
  • AppSec IL, Israel
  • New York Metro Joint Cyber-Security Conference, New York, NY
  • LASCON 2015, Austin, TX
  • AppSec Rio de la Plata, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • AppSec Cali, Santa Barbara, CA

2017-05-08 09:00:00
2017-05-12 17:00:00
OWASP Appsec Europe 2017 Belfast
OWASP Appsec Hacking Conference

May 8-12, 2017, London United Kingdom

There are other OWASP events, we just selected the United Kingdom

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Reasons To Get Yourself To An OWASP Event:

1. If you work in App Security (developer, programmer etc) then OWASP Events are a must.

OWASP speakers and presentations are completely pertinent to the Web Application Security space. Clearly writing secure code is a huge part of security apps preventing data theft and improving overall security. Secure coding (and adhering to better practices) are vital skills that you can learn from OWASP events, that will, ultimately, help you progress with your career.

2. Massive networking opportunity.

OWASP is a massive organization. Sure, it is a charity (non-profit) but that doesn”t mean that you can”t use the organization to advance your own personal career. Anyone who is anyone within the secure software world has an association with OWASP. At the very least mentioning your involvement with OWASP on your CV will add credibility when it comes to advancing your cyber career.

Official Site:

OWASP Website

Related Media:

Legendary OWASP Top Ten List of most common vulnerabilities
Watch our interview/ presentation with Michael Coates, Twitter TISO/ OWASP Board Member

Interesting fact about OWASP

OWASP maintains roughly 100 local chapters and counts thousands of members. OWASP was started in 2001 and has operated since 2004 as the 501(c)(3) charitable OWASP Foundation which supports its infrastructure and projects. OWASP is focused on Software Security not just “Web Applications” and there are over 160 chapters now worldwide.

OWASP Events Website Get OWASP Conference Alerts

#5 RSA

No list for the “Top Ten Must-Go Cybersecurity Conferences” would be complete without a mention, or better yet, an inclusion of RSA. RSA (named after Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman, the public-key encryption technology inventors) is the “must-go” cybersecurity vendor-rich conference. Period. Whilst certain elements of the hardcore cyber culture might abhor at the thought of going to RSA, (not least the antisec crew) it is without doubt where deals and cyber business is made. The RSA Conference started life as a cryptography event but has since evolved into an a wider information security-related cyber event. RSA is vendor-independent and managed by RSA, the Security Division of EMC, and is well supported by some of the heavyweights in cybersecurity.

Over the last few years this conference has operated under two entities: the conference, which typically have some of the biggest names in the cyber world, and a vendor exhibition. The conference itself consists of various learning tracks.

2017-02-13 09:00:00
2017-02-17 17:00:00
RSA Hacking Conference
San Francisco
EMC Corporation

February 13-17, 2017, San Francisco, California, United States

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Reasons To Get Yourself To RSA:

1. Boost your Cybersecurity Career!

RSA is a cybersecurity career enhancer. Literally every major vendor you can think of will be there and if you have a deal to make or a job to source then this is likely the best cybersecurity conference for you to attend.

2. Learn the ropes.

If you are new to cybersecurity then getting your bearings at a large event like RSA and making it work to your advantage will be a huge bonus.

Official Site:

RSA Conference Website

Related Media:

RSA Video Resources

Interesting fact about RSA

RSA Conference started in 1991 as “Cryptography, Standards & Public Policy”, a forum for cryptographers to gather and share the latest knowledge and advancements in the area of Internet security. In 1993 it became an annual event and was renamed the RSA Data Security Conference, then by 2000, simply, the ‘RSA Conference’.

RSA Conferences Website Get RSA Conference Alerts


Perhaps this event might not be so well know but we like it enough to include it in our list. Based in Chicago, US, this is another one of those classic hacker (cyber culture) events that we think are awesome. THOTCON is a non-profit and interestingly, non-commercial event that looks to provide the best possible conference experience for those amongst us that are on a budget, and for that reason, we included this event.

2017-05-04 09:00:00
2017-05-05 17:00:00
ThotCon Hacking Conference

May 4-5, 2017, Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Reasons To Get Yourself To THOTCON:

1. it’s very affordable!

Because it is so affordable tickets sell out real quick. Here”s an indication of what you can expect to pay for THOTCON next year in 2016: student prices $56.00, and early bird: $106.00!

2. Awesome talks.

If you are a security nerd you”ll love the quality and depth of the speakers they have had in the past and will likely continue to have in the future. If you live around the Chicago area then this is clearly a “must-go-to” event if you work in cybersecurity.

Official Site:

Conference Website

Related Media:

Here’s THOTCON’s entire archive: enjoy!

Interesting fact about THOTCON

The name THOTCON is made of the first letter in the words that represent the main Chicago Area Code (312); as in THree-One-Two. THOTCON is an American hacker conference that is organized by Nicholas J. Percoco, Matt Jakubowski, Jonathan Tomek, John Mocuta, David “VideoMan” Bryan and several other OPERs (volunteers from the local DEF CON 312 chapter). It is held in Chicago, Illinois United States at a somewhat different Top Secret location each year

THOTCON Conferences Website Get THOTCON Conference Alerts

#7 Black Hat

Think of Black Hat as the commercial wing of DEF CON. Started (and then sold) by the same founder (Dark Tangent, aka Jeff Moss) Black Hat has global appeal and it functions throughout the world (Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US). Think of the Black Hat attendees as being more corporate and the DEF CON crowd as being more “street” and stereotypically “hackerish”. Here”s a nice comparison between DEF CON and Black Hat that I read that I thought sums it up neatly: at DEF CON you can only pay cash, whilst at Black Hat you can pay with the company and personal credit cards. Why? Because the type of people that go to DEF CON simply don”t want to be identified!

2017-07-22 09:00:00
2017-07-27 17:00:00
Black Hat
Black Hat Hacking Conference
Las Vegas
Black Hat

July 22-27, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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Reasons To Get Yourself To A Black Hat Event:

1. it’s a must if you want to be taken seriously

Black Hat (and DEF CON as well if truth be told) are “rights-of-passage” for most cybersecurity professionals. Attending one conference is a must for kudos, credibility and all round satisfaction in reminding yourself that you work in the coolest industry.

2. If you hear it first, then you heard it at Black Hat.

Black Hat is touted as being the premier place to hear “breaking news” for anything Cyber Related, especially with regards to vulnerabilities that are a “big deal”. Speakers are contracted to not talk about their research or present again for a few months after the event (don”t quote us on that, we just heard that here at our Concise Courses HQ.) Anyways – Black Hat is an awesome gig and you ought to get yourself down there, not least because they are global and annual, so you don”t really have an excuse not to ever go.

Official Site:

Black Hat Conference Website

Related Media:

A Bunch of YouTube Video”s from BlackHat”s Official Channel

Interesting fact about Black Hat

Black Hat is typically scheduled prior to DEF CON with many attendees going to both conferences. Black Hat has been perceived by the security industry as a more corporate security conference whereas DEF CON is more informal.

Black Hat Conferences Website Get Black Hat Global Conference Alerts


Our understanding of TROOPERS (a German based information security conference) is that it has a solid reputation as being one of Europe”s more discerning hacker conferences. They always attract some of the world”s brightest cyber minds and they seem to have an awesome and carefree spirit. In their own words: “We are TROOPERS. There”s no need for another credo. it’s a slogan of unity. By definition you are a TROOPER if you stand up against the everyday challenges of IT security” Sounds good enough to us!

TROOPERS started in 2007 under the direction that they wouldn”t allow the “usual product/ vendor presentations and marketing”, instead they just seek more of a pure cybersecurity agenda. Nice!

2017-03-20 09:00:00
2017-03-24 17:00:00
TROOPERS Hacking Conference
ERNW-Insight GmbH

March 20-24, 2017, Heidelberg, Germany


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Reasons To Get Yourself To TROOPERS:

1. Network with mega cyber professionals.

You can mingle with some of the heavy hitters in the European Cybersecurity space. Influential CISOs, IT auditors, cybersecurity sysadmins, security consultants etc from some of the biggest and baddest tech companies will rock up.

2. Heidelberg is beautiful.

Although I”ve never personally been to TROOPERS, I have in fact been to Heidelberg (where the event takes place) and I can happily say that it is absolutely beautiful. Heidelberg is in Baden-Württemberg which in my opinion (having lived in Europe for a long time) is one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.

Official Site:

TROOPERS Conference Website

Related Media:

Here”s the entire TROOPERS Archive

Interesting fact about TROOPERS

OK, this is not really specifically a ‘fact’ about TROOPERS but we thought this is awesome: the first bicycle was invented by a graduate of the University of Heidelberg, Karl Drais.

TROOPERS Conferences Website Get TROOPERS Conference Alerts

#9 Nuit du Hack

We like this event because it just seems to have an edge about it. This cyber conference, which has been taking place in Paris since 2003, was influenced by a hacking collective called Hackerz Voice. This group were inspired by DEF CON (in much the same way that the other conferences in this list have mostly been).

2017-06-24 09:00:00
2017-06-25 17:00:00
Nuit Du Hack
Nuit Du Hack Hacking Conference
Nuit Du Hack

June 24-25, 2017, Paris, France

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Reasons To Get Yourself To Nuit du Hack:

1. it’s a very practical event so if you are a “hacker” in the real sense of the term, you”ll love it.

Nuit du Hack is one of France”s oldest underground hackers” events, bringing security professionals and amateurs of any levels to test their skills in one place. There are a bunch of resources at the event, in fact there really is something for everyone, they even have a kids section! They also have a very active CTF division.

2. They”ve got a hacker job board!

We love this. The folks behind Nuit du Hack have fired up a jobs portal for attendees. it’s a great idea.

Official Site:

Nuit du Hack Conference Website

Related Media:

Here”s their official YouTube channel with a bunch of videos from previous talks

Interesting fact about Nuit du Hack

Initiated in 2003 by a crew of people, including co-founder Paolo Pinto, who got together under the name of Hackerz Voice and inspired by the famous and biggest US hacking event named “DEFCON”. “La nuit du hack” is one of the oldest French underground hackers” event which bring together, professionals and amateurs of any skill level, around lectures and challenges. Regardless of their skill, guests come to see and talk about the latest advances in IT Security to assess and/or improve their level.

Nuit du Hack Conferences Website Get Nuit du Hack Conference Alerts

#10 Security BSides

OK, BSides is our “swerve ball” in our “Top Ten Must Go Cybersecurity Conferences” list. The reason for that is because it is not really a conference but rather a global movement of security meetings. Each BSides Event is a community-driven philosophy whereby volunteers all get together and discuss tech and security issues.

Important! We have a resource dedicated to BSides events here.

BSides do truly strive to keep cyber security information, knowledge, and know-how, free. There are literally hundreds of events happening at a local level around the world and we”d highly recommend that you get involved.

Reasons To Get Yourself To A BSides Event:

1. They are FREE!

Difficult to beat this reason! Unlike some of the conferences listed above that can be very expensive, BSides is, and looks like they always will be, free!

2. They are everywhere

If you live in a big city we”d be surprised if you were not able to find a BSides event happening near you.

3. They are a cheap and cheerful way to network and learn

If you live in a big city we”d be surprised if you were not able to find a BSides event happening near you. If you are interested in making a career in cybersecurity then you must become a member of BSides and get involved. Not only will you learn a ton but you will also network with a whole bunch of other like-minded professionals.

Official Site:

Link To All Events

Related Media:

This guy, Adrian Crenshaw links to a ton of BSides talks, in fact – he actually records them.

Interesting fact about BSides

BSides was co-founded by Mike Dahn, Jack Daniel, and Chris Nickerson in 2009. There are three event styles, Structured, Unconference, and hybrid. A Structured event follows the traditional conference model and often times happens in tandem with other larger conferences such as Black Hat, RSA, etc. Attendees typically intermingle and attend one or more events. Talks are submitted to the local event ahead of time, selected, and scheduled prior to the start of the conference. In the Unconference event style it’s completely attendee driven.[4][5] Attendees appear at a predetermined time, discuss ideas, and collaboratively agree upon what the schedule will look like for that day. Talks that get the most attention and conversation get added to the schedule.

BSides Conferences Website Get BSides Conference Alerts

#11 Chaos Communication Congress

Yes. We know. This was a “top ten” list of the “must-go” information security conferences – and due to messages from our community we”ve added Chaos Communication Congress, which is organized by the Computer Chaos Club, so, congratulations to CCC, you have broken our list and you”ve been given an honorary number 11th spot.

This event, which happens every year, features a mix of lectures and workshops on technical and hacker issues. Interestingly, CCC (as it is very often abbreviated to within the media) focuses on political issues (for example within hacktivism) as well.

This cyber event started way back in 1984 in Hamburg (older than DEF CON then!) and moved to Berlin in 1998, and then back again to Hamburg in 2012.

The event attracts over 10,000 which is extremely impressive.

January 26, 2017 | Hamburg, Germany

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Reasons To Get Yourself To Chaos Communication Congress:

1. Be part of the “real” Cyber Community in Europe

We”ve always know about CCC but we didn”t add the event since we tried to mix the events (within a balance of vendor-related gigs and pure “hacker events”) but judging by the feedback we got from our community not having included CCC led us to believe that we”d made an error not adding CCC! Anyways, don”t just take our word for it, CCC is a seriously interesting hacking collective. They have been involved in all sorts of escapades and as a result the type of person they attract to their events will very likely reflect the spirit of their mission.

2. CCC is the largest (real) hacker event in Europe

Our research shows that CCC is Europe”s largest association of hackers. A better networking event perhaps doesn”t exist! (When we say “networking” we are also referring to the social sense of that word, i.e. CCC, with so many European hackers is a superb place to meet like-minded folk).

Official Site:

Link To All Events

Related Media:

Here”s their official Video Stream/ Archive

Interesting fact about Chaos Communication Congress

The group is over 30 years old!

CCC Conferences Website Get CCC Conference Alerts

A lot of our visitors to our website are from India so we had to include at least one Indian Cybersecurity Conference in this post (we actually have a devoted India InfoSec Events page here), but here’s our top pick for a Cyber Conference in India: nullcon.

The folks behind this event are a very friendly bunch and over the years they’ve consistently added their events to our main InfoSec Directory.

This event was launched in 2010 with the intention of providing an “integrated platform for exchanging information on the latest attack vectors, zero day vulnerabilities and unknown threats” (organizers own words).

The event even has a motto: “The neXt security thing!” which acts as a driver for the content of these conferences.

Also! We have discovered that the same team are also responsible for organizing another Conference in Europe called: (Hardware Security Conference & Training), which takes place in the The Hague, Netherlands, September 19th – 22nd 2017.

Reasons To Get Yourself To the nullcon Congress:

1. Their Desi Jugaad (Hindi for “Local Hack”) Concept

These guys have an event which is referred to as ‘Desi Jugaad’ which is dedicated to allowing researchers and hackers to present their innovative hacks and/ or to solve real life challenges.

2. The Big Efforts They Make!

The organizers care and make a lot of effort to make sure that their Conference is packed full of useful and actionable materials and content such as there being ‘Interactive Events’, ‘Hacking Challenges’ and – the presentations are also delivered online!

July 14 – 15, 2017 | Hyderabad, India

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Official Site:

Link To All Events

Related Media:

Here”s their official Video Stream/ Archive

Interesting fact about nullcon Congress

They’ve been at it since 2010 and accumulated a ton of great speakers and presentations, and of course, community!

nullcon Conferences Website Get nullcon Conference Alerts

In Summary

Thank you for bearing with us and well done for getting to the end of this post! What do you think about our list? Do you think we ought to include another event or remove one or two? Let us know your thoughts below!

Remember also please that we have a new latest and greatest listing for Cybersecurity Conferences 2018 here.

    • Yes – that you for noticing. We’ve changed that now! Our intern has been sent on a Geography Course for Beginners 😉

  • The e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress series is one of the most recognised cybersecurity conference series in Europe and the Middle East. We have summits in the UK, Benelux, France, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Singapore. Started in 2002 the series is extremely well known and surprising it is not included on your list of top info security conferences.

  • What about REcon, which is an annual cyber security conference that focuses on reverse engineering and advanced exploitation. It really does not get more technical than that, at the binary level. It’s held in Montreal Canada and Brussels annually.

  • I would have petitionned for NorthSec to make it there, since we’re hosting the world largest on-site 48h CTF, but I’m certain we’ll make it for the 2018 list 😛

    • 100% – we are definitely adding to this list. Henry got in touch with you privately.

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