Big Data Conferences In 2022 - 2023

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Karina Kokina

Big Data Events

A conference is a gathering of people who share a particular interest or background with the goal of meeting one another and learning about and discussing topics, ideas, and projects that are relevant to them.

Going to conferences is a great way to meet like-minded people and industry colleagues. Conferences bring individuals together from all over the world who have a particular interest or discipline, and they’re a terrific opportunity to meet new people in your profession.

You will learn from others and increase your own abilities and knowledge about your field if you attend other presentations. It’s also crucial to connect with their work, ask questions, and even follow up with a visit following the panel. In our area, networking is crucial, just as it is in every other job.

Attending events in your sector increases your chances of meeting your target prospects or influencers who should be familiar with your company and brand.

Big Data: A Quick Summary

Big data is a discipline that deals with methods for analyzing, methodically extracting information from, or otherwise dealing with data volumes that are too massive or complicated for typical data-processing application software to handle. Data with a lot of fields (columns) have better statistical power, however, data with a lot of characteristics or columns have a higher false discovery rate.

Data capture, storage, analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, information privacy, and data source are all issues in big data analysis. The three major notions of big data were initially related to three important concepts: volume, diversity, and velocity.

Because massive data analysis poses sampling issues, only observations and samples were previously allowed. As a result, big data frequently comprises data in amounts that typical software cannot process in a reasonable amount of time or for a reasonable price.

Simply said, big data refers to larger, more complicated data collections, particularly those derived from new data sources. Because these data sets are so large, typical data processing technologies can’t handle them.

May 2022

TechTalk Live 2022
United States | Pennsylvania, Lancaster
May 2, 2022
Dell Technologies World 2022
United States | Alabama, Las Vegas
May 2, 2022
Resilient & Seamless Governance 2022
Estonia | Tallinn
May 10, 2022
ASLAN 2022
Spain | Madrid
May 18, 2022
AI in Government: How the US Space Force is Delivering the First Fully Digital Service
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
May 19, 2022
International Conference on EU Cybersecurity Act 2022
Belgium | Brussels
May 24, 2022

June 2022

AI in Government: AI at the NIH: Opportunities to Improve Biomedical Research and Human Health
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
June 16, 2022
International Symposium on Smart Transportation Systems (STS) 2022
Greece | Rhodes
June 20, 2022
BCI Summit - Big Data Management
United States | New York, New York
June 23, 2022

August 2022

AI in Government: The Difficulties and Limitations of Implementing AI at the CFTC and Beyond
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
August 18, 2022

October 2022

AI in the US Government: October 2022
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
October 20, 2022

November 2022

AI in the US Government: November 2022
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
November 17, 2022

December 2022

AI in the US Government: December 2022
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
December 15, 2022