Recommended Cyber Security Conferences in Washington DC

Summary: In this blog post we will discuss our recommended Cyber Security Conferences in Washington DC 5 minute read
Author: Henry Dalziel | April 3, 2017
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What’s this post all about?

In this post we are going to tell you about popular (and worthwhile, in our opinion) cyber security conferences and events that take place in Washington D.C. each year. This post is a ‘work-in-progress’; i.e. meaning that we will be add events to this page over the coming months and years – so don’t be fooled by the original published date of this post!

Worth mentioning that we have a bunch of other US-related Cyber Security Conference listings that are specific to regions, cities or states within the USA, including: Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Texas and an ‘overall California Cyber Events Page’. We also have a round up of our recommended continental US recommended InfoSec events, and, a Top Ten list of worldwide events.

Why did we select these Cyber Conferences?

This is not a list of ‘upcoming events’, rather, this is a list of regular (typically annual) InfoSec events that take place throughout Washington D.C. We selected these Conferences on two criteria: firstly, is the conference reputable?; does it attract professional Cyber Professionals? And, secondly, does the conference take place on a regular basis? If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’ then it is very likely that we will add the event to this page.

Can I add my Cyber Security Conference that is taking place in DC to this page?

Of course! Please do! All you need to do is submit a form by visiting our main conference directory listing page here. We will happily add your event to all our resources including our weekly email that goes out to thousands of cyber security professionals.

DC / Metro Cyber Security Summit | Where: Washington D.C., USA

Organized by a very professional and friendly team, these events are packed full of career-networking opportunities as well as Interactive Panels, Round Tables Discussions and more! You can expect to meet CISO’s, CTO’s and CIO’s. If you work as a CXO in Washington DC then this is absolutely an event that you should consider. Also worth mentioning that the organizers have events in Atlanta, Dallas, DC / Metro, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

CIO Washington D.C. Summit | Where: Washington D.C., USA

Whereas the Cyber Summit USA event in DC takes place in June, this ‘CIO Event’ is scheduled for November and we suspect that it is an annual event. Organized by CDM Media, this event is also a CXO level cyber seminar. If you live and work in Cyber Security within the DC Metro Area then you should consider attending this event especially since all delegates will have similar ‘war-stories!’

BSidesDC | Where: Washington D.C., USA

Happening around October time is BSides DC. BSides is awesome and by far the DC chapter will have a ton of fantastic speakers and as ever these events represent a great opportunity to network. One of the main differences with this particular BSides event is the amount of people organizing it. There are a ton of cyber professionals living and working in DC that have a vested interest in BSides DC so as ever with BSides you’ll learn a lot. SANS NetWars was also associated with BSidesDC, along with a CTF event, lockpicking, ‘Destruction Village’, Internet of Things Village, a Gaming Village and a Crypto Village.

SANS Cyber Defense Initiative | Where: Washington D.C. (Penn Quarter), USA

We believe that this event takes place around December each year. SANS events, for those that don’t know, are superb information security training opportunities that take place throughout the US as well as other countries. Their event in Washington DC titled “SANS Cyber Defense Initiative (CDI)” offers hands-on, immersion-style cyber security training courses taught by real-life experienced practitioners. One of the things we like most about this event is their NetWars Tournaments.

Dot Cyber Security Symposium | Where: Washington D.C., USA

The goal of this event is to protect the governments’ networks and privacy. Hosted by the Office of the Department of Transportaton Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), this conference is open to all Federal agencies and will be hosted at the Headquarters building, Washington, DC.

The Synergy Forum | Where: Washington D.C., USA

This one-day conference (which seems to be scheduled for October every year) brings together industry and government information security practitioners and executives to discuss cyber tech trends, innovation, and their impact on cybersecurity resilience. The Synergy Forum is also aimed at discussing methods to invest in innovation and how to adopt technology and processes that are required to overcome legacy issues that inhibit business development. We’d place this event in a similar category to Cyber Security Summit USA and ‘CIO Washington’ but we could be wrong – if we are drop a comment below and we can make corrections.

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