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Cognilytica is a research, advising, and education organization specializing in sophisticated big data analytics, cognitive technologies, and the rapidly growing fields of AI and machine learning.

Cognilytica monitors tens of thousands of technology suppliers, delves into the purchasing and implementation habits of thousands of commercial and public sector organizations, and maintains a close eye on what’s actually going on in the evolving technological world. Public sector organizations, businesses of all kinds, technology suppliers, service providers, and consultants are among Cognilytica’s clientele.

Analysts at Cognilytica have extensive knowledge of new technologies, big data analytics, and cognitive technologies. Cognilytica analysts learn firsthand how end users are buying, adopting, and implementing cognitive technology and data-driven initiatives through regular, deep contact with technology buyers, suppliers, and practitioners. They give market knowledge, assistance, and education on best practices and methodologies for implementing emerging technology.

AI in Government: How the US Space Force is Delivering the First Fully Digital Service

Agencies have long pursued the concept of digital transformation to help them adapt their working practices and take advantage of more efficient and advanced digital methods. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming critical components of the digital transformation path in order to realize this long-forgotten ideal. Dr. Lisa Costa, the US Space Force’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, will discuss how the US Space Force is using AI/ML, what technology advancements and strategies have been implemented to stay ahead of adversaries, and what standards and best practices have been adopted as the US Space Force looks to the future in this session.

Dr. Costs will address the following topics in this session:

  • While highlighting the aim of AI/ML moving forward, current digital transformation projects and initiatives within the United States Space Force are discussed.
  • How Embracing the information age tools at their disposal is the first step in developing an interconnected, innovative, and digitally dominant force.
  • How to Create a Digital Engineering Ecosystem that is Interoperable, Resilient, and Secure

AI in Government: AI at the NIH: Opportunities to Improve Biomedical Research and Human Health

AI has the ability to enhance health and healthcare systems in scientific and clinical research, resulting in better patient health outcomes. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has lately launched a number of initiatives and programs aimed at developing and improving AI for biomedical research and improving health outcomes for all Americans. This session will focus on the National Institutes of Health’s initiatives to create AI-ready data, build ethical frameworks for the use of AI technologies in biomedicine, educate new investigators at the intersection of AI and biomedical sciences, and utilize AI to enhance health equity. The session will also highlight unsolved problems that the research community should think about. If you lead or manage an AI, data, or automation team, you should come to learn more about how the National Institutes of Health manages its data initiatives, ethical frameworks, and other essential considerations for conducting AI projects.

About Artificial Intelligence in Government:

AI in Government is a gathering of government employees and contractors to network, discuss, and collaborate on AI, machine learning, and cognitive technologies. Join the team for high-quality information, interesting and educational speakers, and the opportunity to network and engage with like-minded people at this monthly event.

AI in Government: DevSecOps Forgot About The Data – Leveraging Hackathons To Force Risk Assessments Of Classified Operational Data

In huge tech businesses, the usual data journey includes:

  1. Instrumentation and automatic collecting (telemetry),
  2. quickly showing the data’s usefulness, and
  3. Collaborating and fusing data to construct emergent capabilities and fast learn/iterate.

The Department of Defense (DoD), on the other hand, 1) lacks or is unable to share telemetry data from its weapons and business systems with the enterprise, 2) provides effectively zero prototyping environments with operational data strangling capability development, and 3) Silos, Hoards, and SAPs/Compartmentalize operational data, making Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2) impossible to develop and illegal to scale to DoD SECRET warfighter networks.

DoD security risk assessments involving data usually analyze the danger of fusing/aggregating that data and the classification that results, but they ignore the risks of stopping DoD engineers and scientists from learning from our data and developing unknowable emergent capabilities. Despite the platitude “Data is a Strategic Asset” being repeated in every DoD data strategy or policy document, the DoD has a broken data story because operational mission data is practically useless and unusable at the enterprise scale.

To show what happens when the United States Air Forces untangle data and creatively remove security barriers to develop emergent capabilities, the Nellis Air Force Base hosted its first department-wide, SECRET classification innovation hackathon, which provided weapons system data and gave participants unprecedented development freedom over six days of 24-hour operations. Eleven teams proved that the United States Air Force can create weapons capabilities in less than a week. Over half of the produced initiatives have been taken up for further development or usage by Air Force groups in just three months. One project is now operating on a weapons system in the European theater, and Air Force sponsors are expected to field as many as four more in the coming year.

Stuart Wagner, the Air Force’s Chief Digital Transformation Officer, will speak about the hackathon’s initial goal and execution, as well as how he’s forming a coalition to transform contemporary combat, in this session. Warfighters and engineers will be able to rapidly iterate capability and tactics against known and newly discovered adversary capability if the Department of Defense can incorporate telemetry OODA loops into all of its technology and software projects, providing significant agility and competitive advantage.

AI in the US Government

AI in Government is a forum for individuals who work in and with the government to network, discuss, and communicate on themes relevant to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive technologies, among other things.

Bring your colleagues and friends to our monthly event for top-notch material, interesting and insightful speakers, and plenty of opportunities to network and interact with other like-minded folks. ​

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AI in Government: How the US Space Force is Delivering the First Fully Digital Service
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May 19, 2022

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United States | Maryland, Washington DC
June 16, 2022

AI in Government: DevSecOps Forgot About The Data – Leveraging Hackathons To Force Risk Assessments Of Classified Operational Data
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
July 21, 2022

AI in Government: The Difficulties and Limitations of Implementing AI at the CFTC and Beyond
United States | Maryland, Washington DC
August 18, 2022

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September 15, 2022

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November 17, 2022

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