2020 Sweden

 November 24th, 2020 - November 25th, 2020 will gather the most cutting-edge research and minds to co-create the new world of Marketing Automation, Smart Cities, Mobility, Insurance, Finance, and Cybersecurity. Everyone is invited to make the most of it by actively shaping our joint future, hand-in-hand with AI. is the first sustainable decentralized conference for global communities. These series of … Read more

600Minutes Information and Cyber Security Sweden

 October 20th, 2020 - October 21st, 2020
 Recommended Event

This event is aimed at Cybersecurity Professionals in Sweden. If you’re in charge of protecting your organization’s infrastructure, then this event would be ideal.


 October 19th, 2020 - October 22nd, 2020 
 Free Event

Absolutely one of the best IT Security events that occurs each year in Stockholm.

SANS Stockholm May 2020 CyberCast

 May 25th, 2020 - May 30th, 2020 

Due to the recent COVID outbreak, this event will be converted into a virtual conference. Accelerate your career with live streaming cybersecurity training. Threats approach from every direction and SANS delivers reliable, professional information security training for every member of your organization – leaving no one unprepared. Training on the cutting edge: All courses are … Read more


 November 25th, 2019 - November 27th, 2019 

Focused on other authentication solutions and (in)security of passwords, PasswordsCon will bring together experts in password security, security researchers and password crackers from around the world to better address and understand the difficulties surrounding digital authentication. Their conference tracks will explore all facets of authentication security, from analysis and education to creating, securing, cracking, and … Read more

Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (GameSec)

 October 30th, 2019 - November 1st, 2019 

As we close the second decade of the 21st century, modern societies are becoming dependent on information, automation, and communication technologies more than ever. Managing the security of the emerging systems, many of them safety critical, poses significant challenges. The 10th Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security focuses on protection of heterogeneous, large-scale … Read more


 October 21st, 2019 - October 24th, 2019 

CS3STHLM is a summit that is held annually with the aim of gathering the most important stakeholders across government, industries, and academia. CS3STHLM has been organized since 2014, and has become one of the premier ICS and Critical Infrastructure Security Summit in Europe! The CS3STHLM summit will provide attendees with international top-speakers and experienced professionals … Read more

3rd e-Crime & Cybersecurity Nordics Congress

 September 26th, 2019  

For more than 20 years, AKJ Associates has specialised in connecting information security stakeholders and service suppliers to help solve the security, compliance and risk management challenges facing organisations and corporations around the globe. Our current portfolio focuses on information security, data protection, regulatory compliance, fraud, electronic discovery, forensics, payments risk, and the PCI DSS. … Read more

SEC-T Conference

 September 19th, 2019 - September 20th, 2019 

SEC-T is an affordable, English speaking, non-profit, two days, single-track information security/hacking conference taking place in late summer annually in Stockholm, Sweden. Their focus on SEC-T is to provide the audience with high-quality talks and in-depth “QnA” with speakers. SEC-T is a platform where you can feel safe from sales pitches and marketing presentations as … Read more

Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS)

 July 16th, 2019 - July 20th, 2019 

The annual Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS) brings together privacy experts from around the world to present and discuss recent advances and new perspectives on research in privacy technologies. The 19th PETS event will be organized by KTH and held in Stockholm, Sweden 2019 (July 16–20, 2019). Papers undergo a journal-style reviewing process and accepted … Read more

International Workshop on Cyber Range Technologies and Applications (CACOE)

 June 20th, 2019 - June 20th, 2019 Recommended Event

The aim of the workshop is to discuss and exchange technologies and infrastructures required to simulate real systems with cyber incidents (e.g., simulation of benign or malicious users, evaluation frameworks, capability measurement). This includes experiences from using such technologies, e.g. for exercises and tests. The workshop will not focus on feature presentations, product presentations, nor … Read more

Workshop on Machine Learning for Cybersecurity (MaL2CSec)

 June 20th, 2019 - June 20th, 2019 

This workshop aims at providing a forum for people from academia and industry to communicate their latest results on theoretical advances, industrial case studies, that combines machine learning techniques such as reinforcement learning, adversarial machine learning, and deep learning with significant problems in cybersecurity. Research papers can be focused on offensive and defensive applications of … Read more

IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P)

 June 17th, 2019 - June 19th, 2019 

Since 1980, the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy has been one of the premier forums for presenting developments in electronic privacy and computer security, and for bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field. Following this story of success, IEEE initiated the European Symposium on Security and Privacy (EuroS&P), which is organized annually in … Read more

European Workshop on Security and Privacy in Edge Computing (EuroSPEC)

 June 16th, 2019 - June 16th, 2019 

The main goal of Fog Computing and other related Edge paradigms, such as Multi-Access Edge Computing, is to decentralize the Cloud and bring some of its services closer to the edge of the network, where data are generated and decisions are made. Cloud-enabled edge platforms will be able to cooperate not only with each other … Read more

ITEC Conference

 May 14th, 2019 - May 16th, 2019 

ITEC is the yearly forum where representatives from across the civil sector, military, academia, and industry will connect and share knowledge about training, simulation and education. Presenting a unique overview of the industry’s most recent innovations, the conference will provide attendees with a platform to discuss developments in this evolving market and exchange ideas about … Read more

SANS Stockholm May

 May 13th, 2019 - May 18th, 2019 

SANS is recognized around the world as one of the best places to develop the deep, hands-on cybersecurity skills most needed right now. Join SANS Stockholm on May 13 – 18, 2019 for an immersion training that will provide you with the skills to defend your organization against security breaches and prevent future attacks. Take … Read more

Nordics CISO Executive Summit

 April 4th, 2019  

Nordics CISO Executive Summit is designed by CISOs for CISOs and will provide attendees with exclusive, peer-driven content and insights from dynamic thought leaders and networking opportunities for the region’s top CISOs. Their program is driven by their Governing Body of CISOs, to generate innovative, strategic solutions and strengthen the IT security function across all … Read more


 March 27th, 2019 - March 27th, 2019 

TRENDS, NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS On March 27 in Stockholm we run the conference TrustIT 2019. Just trust is super-important in an increasingly digitalized world. With digitalisation, new business opportunities are created, but new threats also arise. You have to be able to trust others and build trust to be successful over time. TrustIT … Read more

2nd annual e-Crime and Cybersecurity Nordics

 November 28th, 2018 - November 28th, 2018 

The Nordic region is a centre of cyber attack and defence activity. Denmark is amongst the countries that suffer from the lowest numbers of cyber-attacks, according to Microsoft Security Intelligence. That didn’t stop the world’s no.1 container shipper and one of Denmark’s largest companies, AP Moller-Maersk, losing up to $300 million to the notPetya attack. … Read more

SANS Stockholm

 November 26th, 2018 - December 1st, 2018 

SANS is recognised around the world as the best place to develop the deep, hands-on cyber security skills most needed right now. Join us for SANS Stockholm (Nov 26 – Dec 1 at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel) for immersion training that will provide you with the skills to defend your organisation against security breaches … Read more

Stockholm International Summit on Cyber Security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (CS3STHLM)

 October 22nd, 2018 - October 25th, 2018Recommended Event

CS3STHLM – the Stockholm international summit on Cyber Security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems – is an annual summit that gather the most important stakeholders across critical processes and industries. CS3STHLM has been organized since 2014, and has quickly become the premier ICS Security Summit in Northern Europe! The CS3STHLM summit gives you a … Read more

2nd International Conference on Communication and Network Technology (ICCNT)

 September 22nd, 2018 - September 24th, 2018 

2018 2nd International Conference on Communication and Network Technology (ICCNT 2018) will be held in Stockholm, Sweden during September 22-24, 2018. It aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from both the industry and the academia to share their newest research findings and results. ICCNT is also The Annual Meeting of IJCCE … Read more

SEC-T Conference

 September 13th, 2018 - September 14th, 2018 

A security conference in the heart of Stockholm SEC-T is an affordable, non-profit, English speaking, two day, single track information security/hacking conference taking place in late summer every year in Stockholm, Sweden. At SEC-T we focus on providing our audience with high quality talks and in depth “QnA” with speakers. SEC-T is a conference where … Read more

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Sweden

 September 11th, 2018  

The annual blockchain conference in Stockholm, which brings together the world’s leading crypto experts. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is a network of blockchain events held in Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Thailand, India, the Czech Republic, Gibraltar. We focus on Sweden and foreign projects implementing Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Experts share their experience of implementing Blockchain in governmental … Read more

ACM WiSec 2018

 June 18th, 2018 - June 20th, 2018 

ACM WiSec is the leading ACM and SIGSAC conference dedicated to all aspects of security and privacy in wireless and mobile networks and their applications. In addition to the traditional ACM WiSec topics of physical, link, and network layer security, we welcome papers focusing on the security and privacy of mobile software platforms, usable security … Read more

Noord Infosec Dialogue Nordics

 May 24th, 2018  

Noord InfoSec Dialogue Nordics is an invitation-only event for C-Level information security executives in the Nordic region, operating under Chatham House rules to allow for frank and open discussions.

IT & Digital Leaders Nordics

 May 24th, 2018  

The IT & Digital Leaders Dialogue Nordics brings together 60 industry leading CIOs, CDOs, Directors of IT and Transformation from across the Nordic region, offering exclusive networking and benchmarking opportunities with both your peers, and industry experts. The programme delivers interactive case studies, workshops and one-to-one meetings allowing you to head back to the office … Read more

Nordics CISO Executive Summit

 April 24th, 2018  

Designed by CISOs for CISOs, the Nordics CISO Executive Summit provides exclusive, peer-driven content and insights from dynamic thought leaders and networking opportunities for the region’s top CISOs. The agenda is driven by our Governing Body of CISOs, to generate innovative, strategic solutions and strengthen the security function across all industries. Our “by CISOs for … Read more

The Underworld Tour Stockholm

 January 30th, 2018  

THE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE. The current technological era has given rise to a pernicious underworld of cyber criminals and their constantly evolving cyberattacks. Understanding, predicting, and proactively preventing this new breed of attacks is, and will continue to be, the best security strategy. PREVENT ATTACKS. DON’T JUST REACT. To expose the tactics … Read more

e-Crime and Cybersecurity Nordics

 November 29th, 2017 - August 1st, 2018

The e-Crime & Cybersecurity Nordics event will cover key subjects for its audience of professionals tasked with safeguarding digital assets and sensitive data. There will be case studies, strategic talks and technical break-out sessions from security teams behind some of the world’s most admired brands, who know, just like you, that security is now critical … Read more